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Ethical shophopping outfit

ethical shopping outfit
ethical shopping outfit
bag and shoes
ethical shopping outfit

I wore this to meet up with Elke of the Shophopper, who lives in Brussels and was kind enough to show me the best shopping her city. It was the first time I met up with just one blogger! Usually I would have been a bit apprehensive, but at the moment I’m in complete ‘meet new people’ mode, because I literally knew no one in Brussels, so I didn’t even think about it!

It was great fun! Elke, who is a wonderful guide, took me to the Marolles fleamarket, which is huge and I will definitely return to at some point to rummage in properly. I was a little distracted by the chatting, including trying to understand the crazily complex Belgian political system. We also went to some great vintage shops, which seemed to divide into two categories. The really specialist places with load of really high quality stock, and proper antiques too, where a fifties dress cost around 50-75€ and some more cheap and cheerful ones where you might find the same for 15-20€, in the midst of a load of 70s polyester.

wittemberg cakes

After the shopping, we got cakes from one of the poshest bakeries in town, and a huge salad lunch. In the bakery I had a passionfruit bomb, as seen in the left of that picture, and Elke had a raspberry tart, which she is posing with here! I didn’t really get many photos because picture taking does get in the way of actually meeting a person.

I had a great day, so thank you Elke!

In other news, I’m submitting this to the Style Eyes ethical fashion outfit competition. It’s not quite 100%, the shoes are just plain old converse, and if you’re going to count the jacket that moves it even further away, but it’s a good effort with fairtrade, charity shop, swapped and handmade all in there. And you have to remember I am in Brussels with limited wardrobe choices! Really I would have wanted to submit this outfit, which I love so much, but that’s been posted for a while now and there’s slightly less ethicalness in it.

The badge on the bag was given to me by a girl in the stitch and bitch that works in road safety. It promotes some cycling thing that I’m not even quite sure what it is, but I’m sure is fab. But someone saw my badge and rather than focus on the cycling thing he went ‘oh, the Times. Do you read it?’ NONONO, I quite like the Sunday Times style magazine with its tongue in cheek (I think!) ‘we’re all frightfully posh, and all the designers are out mates, dahling’ vibe, but even if I really really liked the whole paper I still wouldn’t get it. I’ll never give Murdoch any money. Which is why I’m very relaxed about people downloading anything on Sky Atlantic off Piratebay. But I suppose Swiss people can’t be expected to know the ins and out of UK paper politics so I’ll let the guy off asking me!

I’m wearing my glasses only in some pictures, because I did put contacts in to go out later. My eyes are so sensitive now that I can only really wear the lenses for a few hours before they start getting uncomfortable, so I decided to save them for the night, when I went for a drink with a big group of the secondees.

Outfit stats: * top – People Tree * cardie – charity shop * skirt – people tree * scarf – swap * shoes – converse * jacket – promod * bag – Dave made it * badge – freebie.

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  • Lori Lynn 28 March 2012, 3:14 pm

    your skirt rocks my world girly! Oh and thanks for catching my oops up with the WIBW link, it’s on there now but in case you wanna go right there instead of checking back, here’s the link:

    Can’t wait for your WIBW post! Xo Lori
    Lori Lynn recently posted..Why I Blog Wednesday: Lilah of Little BirdsMy Profile

  • Terri 29 March 2012, 11:35 pm

    The pastry looks delicious. How wonderful to have a new friend to show you the ropes.
    Terri recently posted..A Pajama Party InviteMy Profile

  • AizaMay 30 March 2012, 2:16 am

    Looks like a good idea and the outfit was really fabulous!I really like the red shoes you have here and the leggings as well…

  • Crosby 30 March 2012, 4:09 am

    I love the red stocking. I am beginning to like you looks.

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