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One dress three ways – styled by readers

Remember a while ago I asked you to help me style this vintage floral dress? I got some great suggestions, both via the blog and on twitter! Unfortunately I soon realised that this dress really is just too big for me, so I didn’t persist with trying them all out. Though they would have been great had that dress been the right size for me. And in any case, there was a fair bit of overlap between suggestions.

Sadie said:

How about wearing it over a polo-neck or long-sleeved t-shirt with boots and a belt

Which resulted in this, which you’ve actually already seen (not this particular photo though):

anniversary at the shore

* top under – vero moda * belt – charity shop * shoes el naturalista * necklace – gift 8 hat – fabhatrix *

Ariane said:

I saw on flickr that you had a somewhat pinkish cardi? That would like nice plus a belt over the cardi”

Johanna said:

I think you need to steer it down the pink and purple route. I love the ‘berry’ family together, the pink looks kind of cranberry so maybe a blackberry coloured jacket or cardigan over the top with prune tights. For a little extra ‘Franca-ness’ then perhaps a contrasting belt in cream.

I can’t get back to those tweets now, but there was much love for pink cardigans on twitter too.

floral dress

With apologies for the overexposedness:
* cardie – used to be my grannies * belt – charity shop * shoes – clarks *

And finally Teeny, who obviously knows my flickr wardroberemix set, said:

okay, i hope you know i’m a weirdo with clothes, and have a particularly grannyfying lean…i’d wear it with your green cardy or diamond print jumper and either maroon tights or blue ones. And small heeled dark coloured mary janes?

floral dress

No Mary Janes (too cold), but those are maroon tights, well, reddish purple.
* jumper – swap * boots – camper

I’m really sorry not to have done everyone else’s brilliant suggestions! And next time I do this kind of post, I promise I’ll try out the suggestions properly!

Now of course that dress is far far too big, but what do you think I should do:
* shorten it to make it into a slouchy mini dress?
* donate it?

I don’t like it enough to have it taken in properly by a tailor, so it’s either just shortening or passing it on. If there are any (UK) size 16 ladies out there who want it and are willing to pay postage, give me a shout.

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  • monkeysocks 16 March 2012, 1:55 pm

    Ooh, it is very pretty ( I love a floral dress!) I am very willing to inherit it if you don’t fancy the alterations.. I will be hacking it about and taking it all in though! (I am a 16 in places but not all and I do tend to prefer things tight!)
    monkeysocks recently posted..Liebster awardMy Profile

  • Sadie 16 March 2012, 7:19 pm

    It’s a lovely dress, but I do see what you mean about the size. As I am a UK 16 my advice is definitely pass it on, and I would very happily pay postage if you wanted to pass it on to me!
    Sadie recently posted..SimplicityMy Profile

  • Carina 16 March 2012, 7:49 pm

    Haha coole idee die Leser Vorschläge machen zu lassen, schade dass ich kein Twitter hab 🙂
    Ich find alle drei Varianten süß!

  • Alexandra Thérèse 16 March 2012, 9:59 pm

    My favourite is the middle outfit with the pink cardigan! I think it brightens up the look and provides a good contrast to the black boots. I think one of the best things about posting outfit photos is that we all try to style the same clothes again and again but in different ways meaning that it is possible to wear about ten different combinations of outfit all made up of one key piece. Hope all is goin well for you in Brussels. xx
    Alexandra Thérèse recently posted..Dorothy Meets GlastonburyMy Profile

  • Terri 17 March 2012, 12:50 am

    Oooh, I like Teeny’s idea!
    Terri recently posted..The Window Shopping Project: jcpenneyMy Profile

  • teeny 17 March 2012, 12:55 am

    Hahahaha, oh you look all cute and smiley. I think you are very brave indeed to try my suggestion, and actually i don’t think it is all that bad. The print and colour is so great on the dress – i wonder – if you really like the print/colour i think you would get some wear if you like the slouchy look. An easy way to take it in at the sides is to put it on and hold the edges where your waist is – where you think you’d like the side seams to be for a better fit …then leave a bit of room for give and mistakes….turn it inside out and sew alongside each of the side seams from either the edge of the sleeve all the way down to the bottom hem – or bottom hem up. ( iseriously measure using very approximate measures…like a couple of cms) It won’t be perfect but if you don’t mind it looking rough on the inside it does work, and it is super easy – and you can belt it if it is still a little too big. That is what i tend to do with my too-big dresses. If you want to try it and i make no sense at all, feel free to let me know.

  • Style Eyes 17 March 2012, 7:20 am

    Love these outfits. I never like a good floral print to go to waste. I say shorten it!
    Style Eyes recently posted..Blogger’s Ethical Outfit Competition – Over £200 Of Ethical Fashion To Be WonMy Profile

  • Ariane 17 March 2012, 7:55 pm

    Allo Franca!

    J’aime le # 2 mais je donnerais la robe tu trouveras bien une autre robe!

    Ariane xxxx
    Ariane recently posted..Just Cavalli – 2 WaysMy Profile

  • Sarah 17 March 2012, 9:59 pm

    What a fun idea for a post! I love seeing the various stylings.
    Sarah recently posted..Sunshine spazz attackMy Profile

  • Mode Plus 18 March 2012, 11:53 am

    Looks like fun indeed. If you can’t find a proper owner for the dress, what about making a skirt or a top??
    Mode Plus recently posted..Through thick and thinMy Profile

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