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Cinquanternaire park

red green yellow
cincantenairered green yellow
red green yellow

Last of the Easter photos! These are from Cinquantenaire park. It’s a big park with two museums, lots of fountains and statues, an arc de triomph thing and three museums in it. And a mosque. It’s pretty big! It was built in 1880 for the 50 the anniversary of Belgian independence (cinquantenaire means 50th anniversary). It gets a fair few tourists because of the museums, but mainly it’s full of runners from the EU institutions (like me. But I always run in the opposite direction from most people so no one notices how slowly I go!).

I found this corduroy skirt in the back of my wardrobe on my first trip home to Scotland and brought it back. I thought I could do with another plain skirt. It’s really really old, from when I was 20 maybe. I’m not sure it’ll survive Belgium though, I ironed it last night and it’s pretty faded and has a little rubby hole. I could dye it black again, but I’m not sure it’s worth it really. It’s not very flattering on me what with the short arsedness, and despite the flicky shape, it’s not really ideal for curvy hips with, because it actually sits underneath the hipbones, which further shortens my legs. But it’s comfy at least!

Outfit stats: * cardie – swap * tshirt – dyed by me * skirt – ancient h&m * brooch – lea stein, gift (close up) * shoes – converse *

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  • Rachel 23 April 2012, 9:32 am

    It’s aaaaggesss since I commented on your blog but I still read most post. I just wanted to say how lovely these pictures are and the others from Easter. As soon as I saw the first outfit photo in Brussels that Dave has taken, I could tell. You look so happy, relaxed and content when he’s behind the camera. My mum used to say this to me when my husband takes my picture and now I know what she meant. 🙂

  • Helen 23 April 2012, 12:13 pm

    Such lovely and interesting pictures
    Helen recently posted..My favourite walkwayMy Profile

  • Shophopper 23 April 2012, 5:21 pm

    Oh, I love those brooches! Nicolas Woit sells them in Brussels – he has an absolutely amazing store on the Rue Dansaert, full of beautiful clothes he designs himself, and a few vintage or second hand pieces (the unaffordable kind, Dries Van Noten etc.). Quite expensive, but a lovely place to dwell. I have my eye on one of his brooches. 🙂
    Shophopper recently posted..The Shopping ItchMy Profile

    • Franca 23 April 2012, 6:16 pm

      There’s shop near Ambriorix that has them too. They have a floral cat I love!

  • Daisymay 23 April 2012, 5:45 pm

    loving the yellow tight!! And that brooch is amaizng! So so cool!
    Daisy Dayz
    My Hub Pages

  • SACRAMENTO 23 April 2012, 6:12 pm

    Brilliant photos, Franca, and lovely and colourful outfit, so much up my alley, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Much love.
    SACRAMENTO recently posted..D&G Inspiration DIY EarringsMy Profile

  • Style Eyes 23 April 2012, 8:31 pm

    That brooch is amazing! Also loving your choice of colours for this outfit
    Style Eyes recently posted..Pikolinos – Ethical SandalsMy Profile

  • Terri 23 April 2012, 10:36 pm

    I love the lighting in these photos…and the brooch.
    Terri recently posted..Visible Monday: The Morning AfterMy Profile

  • Martha Coleman 24 April 2012, 9:23 am

    Oh i’m so loving your brooch! it is so pretty. Great shots by the way. Cinquantenaire park is really beautiful from the architectures and its environment. Glad that you had a great time!
    Martha Coleman recently posted..4 Chic Ways to Celebrate Earth DayMy Profile

  • Carol 24 April 2012, 4:00 pm

    So looovve the brooch and I love the other photos! the place is near to perfect. I love it.
    Carol recently posted..Murano glassesMy Profile

  • Marisa 24 April 2012, 6:37 pm

    I just found your blog through Wardrobe Remix on Flickr and I completely love how brilliantly you mix color in your outfits…definitely right up my alley:) What a beautiful place to spend your Easter afternoon at. Gorgeous photos! xx Marisa
    Marisa recently posted..Come Again Another DayMy Profile

  • Helga 25 April 2012, 2:02 am

    And yay,I finally remembered to hop on at home to comment,as for some weird reason I can’t at work,and that’s when I do most commenting…naughty…

  • Athena 25 April 2012, 12:21 pm

    This is absolutely great… What a lovely photos, very impressive…