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Quick spottiness update

The place that have no color / Там где без цвета

Thanks for all the comments on yesterday’s post! I wasn’t really looking for advice really, but it was nice to hear anyway. I’ve tried 80% of this stuff already, some of it worked a little bit, some not at all. I will try the pillowcase thing as well, though given that my problem is really not influenced by what happens to the outside of my skin (and I have a dermatologist telling me this), it’s unlikely to make a huge difference. But maybe some. I may go to the doctors again when I return to Scotland as well, but to be honest, I’m sort of ok with just being spotty for a bit until I can go back on the pill, which is the only thing that has ever made more than a marginal difference. I was just venting at the time and wanted to say that spots are not always caused by a terrible lifestyle!

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  • Kristen 5 April 2012, 7:29 am

    I agree about the lifestyle. I get really spotty too, and the big ones always come a day or two after a particularly stressful period. I manage stress well otherwise, so its not an unhealthy kind of stress, just the normal kind that jump-starts me into gear to get things done. Seeing my mom’s skin, I think I’m in for a lifetime struggle…
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  • teeny 5 April 2012, 8:51 am

    Hey, you know I’m not going to give any advice. I’m still weirded out that I don’t wash my face. I remember when you commented on my beautypost ages ago about how you wondered why having spots wasn’t as acceptable as overweight-ness. When you put it like that, I really did think “yeah, why not?”. Maybe media. For as LONG as i can remember there have been ads on TV and mags expressing HORROR at spots. I do think that those Ads have worked very effectively at creating insecurity around having pimples. Good luck m’dear, keep being courageous and strong.

  • Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys 5 April 2012, 2:50 pm

    I hear you. Though did discover the spot removal photoshop tool the other day. Now I just wish there was a real-life equivalent!
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  • Maven 5 April 2012, 4:29 pm

    I was in the middle of a long comment yesterday and accidentally closed the window, gahhhh. I was only stopping by to say that I completely relate. I try to cultivate a zen attitude about my skin because I don’t like to wear makeup every day to “correct” the way I look, and I’m not interested in adding prescriptions or more products to my life. My skin looks okay most of the time and it is what it is: oily, zit-prone, big pores, sunspots, you name it. Not so many of the big subterranean atomic zits but they do happen. I don’t have “spot pride” but I do manage to keep them from being a source of horror and shame.

    This is not advice but a resource, if you should be interested: cosmeticscop.com is the most helpful site I’ve found on actual evidence-based skin care and product reviews and information. Like, the founder actually cites her sources, unlike pretty much everyone who is trying to sell you 1) insecurity and 2) the promised cure for your insecurity in the form of skin care products and makeup. She does sell products (which I have been happy with), but recommends tons and tons of other products based on ingredients, price, efficacy, etc.

    I am very interested to hear what you have to say about oil cleansing because I find myself inordinately annoyed about it. Everyone just keeps repeating the same language about how it works, but without any evidence except “it works for me!” or “like dissolves like!” (which, as I understand it, has more to do with polarity than “oh these things are both oils, one will dissolve the other”). And just because something lists chemical ingredients doesn’t mean you should chuck it out–I mean everything is made of chemicals!
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  • Gracey at Fashion for Giants 5 April 2012, 7:33 pm

    I went off the pill about 3 months ago now and my skin has definitely gotten spottier too. And I don’t wear makeup (mascara and lipstick is it) so there is no hiding it, but I’ve decided I can’t bother to care. If my skin feels like acting a fool, I’ll let it. At least for a bit longer.
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