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Shades of colour

outfit details

These are details from an outfit I wore to work. Navy dress, dark purple tights, peach cardie, matching pink earrings and red shoes. Some colour, but not huge amounts of it, in my opion. Not my colleagues opinion though, presumably! I’ve had about 5 different people remark upon my colourful style. And I always think How do they know???? I think I’ve worn my orange tights once but apart from that it’s all been terribly muted. Since I didn’t know how smart the office was going to be, I basically took all my officey shirts, which are navy and grey and the like. I actually don’t have that many bright bright things with me here in Brussels, and I’ve been saving them for the weekends.

But I guess different people interpret colourful differently. When I think colourful I think this, but clearly other people’s standards are much lower. One day I was wearing a teal dress, black tights black shoes and one of my colleagues said ‘You’re so good with colour, I wish I could pull something like that off’. Which seemed kind of an odd thing to say given that she is an incredibly stylish, model looking Polish girl always in high heels and smartly tailored monochrome designer clothes, and my shoes are always scuffed and my hair always all over the place. But anyway, it goes to show that one woman’s neutral is another woman’s colourful.

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  • Terri 7 July 2012, 12:32 am

    Interesting. I know that there are workplaces where grey-navy-black represents the full wardrobe spectrum. Thankfully the college campus where I teach is more all inclusive. The only time I whiffed a sniff of outrage would have been the day I wore bright red tights.
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  • Lyddiegal 7 July 2012, 11:55 pm

    yes, pretty tame in my book but some people just can’t handle color, haha.
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  • THE-LOUDMOUTH 8 July 2012, 9:58 pm

    We’re all different, which is what makes the world beautiful. I always find it funny when someone compliments me in a way that I don’t understand. Last night I went to a party at a friend’s house, and someone (a heterosexual female, in fact) said, “you always look so sexy.” What?? I wouldn’t think of my style that way, haha. It’s cool to get feedback though! 🙂
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