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New glasses review

new glasses

I was recently contacted by Firmoo, an online glasses site, to do a review of their glasses, and I jumped at the chance! I’ve always wanted to try out buying glasses online, but I’ve always been a bit scared that it wouldn’t work very well, plus it seems a bit frivolous given that I already have three pairs of glasses*, so I’ve never committed. But of course I gave it a try for free!

There is quite a lot of choice in frames – 200 options for women. A lot of these are those thin metal frames though, which I know I can’t wear, they don’t suit me, plus I have a high prescription so I need a chunky frame to hide the edge of the lense. So it was easy enough to narrow it down to four choices. There’s a ‘virtual try on’ tool on the website where you can upload a photo and it superimposes the glasses, which gives you some sort of idea of what you’ll look like with them. but really just some sort of idea, and at the end of the day you have to take your chances a little bit. It definitely helped that I’d done a lot of trying on of glasses in shops so kind of knew what I wanted. I know that some other online glasses places offer something where you pick three frames, they send them out with clear (non-prescription) lenses, you pick one and then they fit that with your prescription. That service would of course be great.

Price wise, they’re all really cheap, from just$8 to a maximum of $70, with most around $20-30. This includes lenses, which is really quite amazing given that I have a pair of glasses that cost almost £200! One of the ways in which I guess they keep the prices down is that they don’t sell branded glasses, it’s all their own models without a name on. Though to be honest, I prefer that, I always think the designer name on the side looks a bit naff. They also come in different quality bands, standard, good and superior.

Anyway, this is the pair I chose:

They have bamboo handles and an acetate frame, and are a bit larger than my other pairs – I was determined to go for a different shape this time! I really like the way they look!

They are the superior quality and after having worn them a week I can see no problems with it. I was a bit concerned when reading these maintenance instructions that come with every pair
* Do not use cosmetics. It is easy to make the eyeglass frame fade
* Do not take off eyeglasses with a single hand. It is easy to make the eyeglass frame deform
* Do not put the eyeglass frame under the sunshine for a long time
It’s a bit ridiculous to suggest that people don’t wear make up! But thankfully they have not faded or deformed! I’ll let you know if anything happens over the next weeks and months!

The other thing I was a bit worried about is the thickness of the lenses. Usually at the opticians you have three of four options of thinness (increasing in price, obvs) but here it was just the one. Given that I have a mega strong prescription (5 on the left, 3.75 on the right) I fully expected them to look like bottle tops. But they don’t, phew! The left lens sticks only very slightly out of the frame, the right not at all.

So all in all, I would definitely recommend Firmoo, and would use them myself in future, maybe for prescription sunnies.

And the best thing is that you don’t even need to be a blogger to get a free pair, they are actually offering a free pair to all new customers! So you can try it out yourself!

* I met a woman once who had thirty pairs though, in all colours!

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  • thorne garnet 6 August 2012, 1:26 pm

    interesting. Does putting them under sunshine mean you can’t wear them outside ? I don’t understand that. Or the no make-up. I do like the handles.

  • Trayci 6 August 2012, 10:43 pm

    They look very stylish. I need a new pair so will checking them out soon.

    X x
    Trayci recently posted..Last Instalment….My Profile

  • Camelia Crinoline 7 August 2012, 12:28 am

    They really suit you. I like the bamboo handles.
    Camelia Crinoline recently posted..A Marguerite GownMy Profile

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