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Birdy tunic, vanity sizing and waffles

marc jacobs tunic
central park
marc jacobs tunic
central park
marc jacobs tunic

This is the second thing I got from Beacon’s Closet – a jersey dress with cute birds and pockets! It’s by Marc by Marc Jacobs and it is the single most ridiculous example of vanity sizing I have ever seen. It’s a size XS. And it’s not even tight! Anywhere. For reference, I am usually an M or L (the other tunic I got was an L), a large UK size 12, or a 14 at the bottom. Last time a normal XS would have fit me I was probably about 11. And I am 6 months pregnant! Quite what actual really small (or even just small) people are meant to be wearing from this brand I don’t know.

I do wonder if vanity sizing is more of a problem in the US. A huge amount of the stuff in Beacon’s Closet was extra small, or sizes 0 or 2. It initially made me wonder if all the Brooklyn hipsters were on starvation diets, but then I realised that XS can mean literally anything. So I stopped looking at the labels and just held things up to see if they looked about right, and that’s how I found this!

The photo location is Central Park by the way. We had waffles from this Belgian themed van called Waffles and Dinges. They weren’t quite up to Belgian standards (the ones from the vans in Brussels were caramelised all the way round, this one just at the edges), but they did have way more toppings (the dinges, not a word I had heard in Belgium, maybe a Flemish thing?) and the vendor was just about the most enthusiastic person I’ve ever met! It was quite funny too, there was a Flemish family in front of us in the queue, who were pissing themselves at all the pseudo Flemish branding. Apparently there’s a few of these vans around NYC, and one of them does the gauffres de Bruxelles – the square, fluffy type that has to be freshly made, as opposed to the gauffres de Liege, which is premade and then just warmed up and caramselised when ordered. Sadly not this one though!

Outfit stats:
* dress – Beacon’s closet * sandals – camper * scarf – swap * bag – Dave made it *

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  • Vix 26 September 2012, 7:52 am

    That tunic is utterly wonderful, you look lovely! Sizing is always mental. I remember buying a dress in Kuala Lumpur and having to go for an XL as I was a giant by Malaysian standards. When I asked about shoes I was directed to menswear as apparently a 40 is unheard of in women’s sizing! x
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  • Daisy 26 September 2012, 8:26 am

    Oh, the vanity sizing. When will they learn? I think it happens way more in the US than here in Europe. And Vix is right, when I was in Asia, I hardly bought anything since I couldn’t fit into anything with my boobs or hips. Argh!

    “Dinges” is not a proper Flemish word, but it could be “dingen” (proper Dutch) in dialect, which means “things”. So probably the “dinges” referred to the toppings or something. 🙂
    Daisy recently posted..Shoe challenge #77: Dots on dotsMy Profile

  • Teeny 26 September 2012, 8:35 am

    I liked reading how you found sizing in the US. I actually didn’t have any differences at all where I bought over there, but then I only bought vintage and new stuff from Target, i wonder if Target is more consistent with sizing than other fastfashion places? I said it before and i ‘ll say it again, you are the most beautiful pregnant person!
    Teeny recently posted..Outfitting myself, and some SoCal love.My Profile

  • Sara 26 September 2012, 2:33 pm

    Welcome to America, where you will never really know your true size! Yeah there is an issue with vanity sizing, I went to Target and bought shorts on both sizes five & nine, because they are two different brands :/ There is vanity sizing, and there are different sizes for “juniors” aka teenagers, and women. Women’s sizes tend to run a little larger. Also, some places have maternity clothing, but don’t label them-so that very well may be a maternity dress. Either way, it looks adorable on you!
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  • Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys 26 September 2012, 3:45 pm

    Ah, I love the bird print and the colours. And yes, sizing is ridiculous… obviously not applicable to second hand stores but I wish websites would just give you the actual measurements of each piece.

    I was actually disappointed by waffles in Belgium (slander, I know). My mom had a bed and breakfast for 16 years and her waffles were just the best thing ever. Not caramelized, but light and fluffy and consumed about 3 seconds after being made, and somehow I’ve always found any street waffle since then to be too sweet and a bit meh. And hard to eat. 🙂
    Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys recently posted..september issuesMy Profile

  • Lorena 1 October 2012, 6:48 pm

    What a great find at Beacon’s – it fits you so well.
    Lately i try on any size, because you just never know !
    A few years back i was at the Carven showroom and heard when the marketing people were talking about how now the “size 8 will be a size 6, so women feel better when they try it on”….
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