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Reupholstered fifties chair

newly upholstered chair

newly upholstered chair

This is a photo from donkey’s years ago, which I’ve somehow neglected to share! We got two of these fifties chairs as a wedding present from my uncle’s mum (the same person who more recently gave me a load of her clothes, including this 60s dress). They were in a pretty bad state of disrepair, they’d never had anything done to them since they were bought, the foam inside them had half gone to dust and the fabric was very worn off. Plus, one of them was pink and one of them was blue, which apparently the fashion at the time.

We took them to a reupholsterer guy who specialises in mid century furniture and had them both completely remoulded and covered in this lovely grey-ey blue tweed. The reason I hadn’t posted about them before is that they don’t really have a space in the flat. They were sitting in the bedroom and are now in storage, while the flat is emptied for selling.

The reupholstery guy thought they were amazing and was really interested in where they were from, since he’d never seen this model before. I think that’s more because he doesn’t know anything about German furniture though than their actual rarity, because they weren’t individually produced or anything. At the last family reunion I got the full story:

They were bought in 1957 from a shop called Moebelhaus Stiller. They were family friends or distant relations of my uncle’s mum, so she knows a bit about them. Their shop was in Stuttgart-Kanntbach and their factory in a place called Backnang. They manufactured general furniture in the 50s and 60s, and in the 70s moved into producing interiors for pharmacies, which they sold all over Germany.

I couldn’t find any more information about them on the internet, but that’s the story! Nice to have a bit of history!

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