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Thrifted chambray tunic (and labour day)

supreme being tunic
brooklyn house
supreme being tunic

I didn’t do much shopping in New York, because squeezing my belly into things kind of takes the fun out of trying things on. But I did go to Beacon’s Closet because it’s big and I got a few things there last time. There was less vintage stuff than I remembered from last time, it really was mainly resale, but I still liked it a lot. I got three things: two tunicy dresses and a cardigan, all pregnancy suitable! This chambray dress caught my eye because of the collar, which is pretty shiny. Buttoned up (like here) it’s kind of like a cowl, but when you unbutton it it becomes a massive fanned out collar that goes almost over the shoulders.

I wore the white shoes especially because it was the day after Labour Day (or I suppose that would be Labor Day), and the previous night we’d been at a Labor Day barbecue, where the conversation inevitably turned to this bizarre ‘no white after Labour Day’ rule, and where it came from (it was apparently plucked out of thin air by snobbish upper class types, there’s no underlying reason, however mad, for it) Apparently this applies only to things worn below the waist, but also includes shoes! So I was feeling contrary and I had to wear those shoes. Though the world at large did not seem to really be aware of the shoe thing, I saw tons of people with while shoes or skirts, and they can’t all have been tourists!

Oh and on this day Dave and I met up for coffee/breakfast with Rad who used to blog at the cohabitating closet! First time I’ve ever met another blogger one to one. We talked about work, mommy blogs, adoption and maternity leave (actually, that was just me. I will rant endlessly about maternity leave given half a chance!) and it was ace fun! No photos, I didn’t even think.

Outfit stats: * tunic – beacon’s closet * woolen leggings – some new zealand brand, i forget the name * shoes – clarks * bag – Dave made it *

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  • Susan (Rad) 24 September 2012, 12:24 pm

    It was great to meet you and Dave! Readers, Franca is even more frickin’ adorable in real life than in the blog (if you can believe it). We had a lovely conversation and it”s been great reading more about your NYC exploits on the blog (vistors always get me excited about living here, which is easy to take for granted). And I learned a lot about parental leave.

  • Era 24 September 2012, 4:28 pm

    So cute! This is an amazing blog. I love it. Greatings from Mexico.

  • Terri 24 September 2012, 11:19 pm

    You’ve been blogging for so long that I’m surprised this is your first meet-up, but Rad would be an excellent place to start. I like the tunic!
    Terri recently posted..Visible Monday: the Purple Cast EditionMy Profile

  • jane 25 September 2012, 6:00 am

    I love the idea of meeting another blogger but feel nervous – I am scared I will be a disappointment.
    I do like your tunic – it will be useful after the birth too.

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