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Captain Nemo

… is what we call the baby. My mum said Nemo because I had such a small bump for ages, like the Disney fish. But I totally didn’t get it and thought Captain Nemo and that stuck. Dave is now also very fond of calling me the Nautilus. Funnily enough, Nemo is not a hundred miles away from bebe’s actual name, and a couple of times that slipped out. I don’t think anyone noticed either time though, so it’s still a secret.

Anyway, here’s a selection of Nemo themed images for your delectation. It amuses me that he’s white and ginger in some of the pictures. My own image is the way he looks in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (second picture from the bottom), which I gather fits with the description from the books. All the underwater pictures fit with our plan to make the nursery aquatic themed, if we ever manage to sell our flat and buy somewhere bigger that actually has a nursery room. We’ve already bought some postcards for the wall, getting slightly ahead of ourselves!

Happy weekend!

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  • Teresa 26 October 2012, 8:59 am

    Our son was known as The Pickler when he was in my tum….no idea why, it just suited him! And no, his actual name now is nothing like that. You look positively glowing in your recent pics and I love the coat which was especially made for you. 🙂