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Pregnancy style: 29 weeks

29 weeks
29 weeks
29 weeks

Here’s some pictures that show how big I am now! Just in the flat in artificial light, but I really wanted to get some at this stage, and also to show the dress. It’s from Jojo Maman Bebe and it’s not the print I wanted. I was in the shop and they had this print, but not in my size, but said they could order it online for me. The assistant filled out the form for me, and just said ‘it’s the navy print you want, isn’t it’ and I said yes, because that other print is navy too and I didn’t know that the one with the litle flowers even existed (the shop only had the big print and purple).

The assistant was obviously not having a good day, because she totally messed up my name too. My surname is MacLeod. That’s a fairly common name in Scotland, it’s sometimes spelled Mc and sometimes Mac, and sometimes with a capital L, sometimes not. But it’s always L-E-O-D. I actually spelled it out for her when she was taking my details but she wrote McCloud. Then she showed me the handout and I saw that it was wrong so I wrote it down for her and she said she’d fix it on the order. When it eventually arrived it was spelled MacCloud. And of course I never got an email confirming the order because she had misspelled my address as well. I think in future when a shop assistant offers to do an online order for me I’ll just do it myself.

Anyway, the dress arrived while we were in New York, so there were only 3 days left in which to return it, and I would have had to have paid for it, so I decided to just stick with this print. It’s nice as well and probably a bit better for work. The dress itself is great as well, unlike other maternity clothes it actually has the extra fabric in the bump, rather than the side.

Outfit stats:
* dress – jojo maman bebe * shoes – clarks *

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