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Aviatrix baby hat

aviatrix hat

Another bit of baby knitting for you. This is the aviatrix hat (ravelry link). I found the pattern thanks to one of the girls in my Brussels Stitch and Bitch group – you can see her version here. I love this pattern, it uses wrap and turn/short rows, which was a new technique for me and is a lot easier than faffing about with double points (which I’ve also been doing), and knits up pretty fast. I’m already making a second one as a gift!

My only alteration for next time is that I’ll make the chinstrap slightly longer. A lot of the pictures I found show the button much higher up, but if I’d done that I don’t think it could be done up. I also messed the tension up a bit with this one, by switching between British (for the concentratey bits) and continental (for the straight knit rows) knitting, this time I’m knitting it all in British.

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