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Stitch and Bitch baby blanket

stitch and bitch baby blanket
stitch and bitch baby blanket

Since I’ve been on maternity leave, I’ve gone very crafty, so there will be a backlog of finished objects coming the way of this blog soon, but first, something I made ages ago. One of the girls of my Stitch and Bitch knitting group I went to while in Brussels had a baby in October and the group (and lots of ex members like me) made a cooperative granny square blanket for her. Doesn’t it look fabulous? And wee Emil is so cute under it!

log cabin squares

I made two log cabin squares, conveniently using them as practice for the log cabin baby blanket. I hadn’t quite worked this out and turned them the wrong way, so some of the joints are not smooth. Ach well!

posing with log cabin squares

Plus a bonus cheesy and blurry picture of me posing with them!

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