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Wartime Wardrobe challenge


I’ve talked a little bit on here about how I’ve been living with a pretty limited number of clothes for ages. Almost a year actually – since March 2012. First I was living in Brussels, then I was pregnant and now I’m breastfeeding and still too big to fit into most pre-pregnancy clothes. I’ve kind of got used to having just a few things, and with most of the clothes in storage while we were trying to sell the flat, I’d almost forgotten it was ever any different. But of course I have just ludicrous amounts of clothes, and the house move has really brought home to me just how many. It was all quite overwhelming actually!

So I’ve decided I need to stop accumulating stuff, and my ambivalence about clothing challenges notwithstanding, I’ve decided I could do with some parameters, and have therefore decided to do the Wartime Wardrobe Challenge developed by The Double Life of Mrs M and Little House in Town. The challenge runs for a year and is based on the rationing chart for clothes used in the UK in the 1940s. You have 66 coupons to spend for the year, with different types of clothes and clothes made of different fabrics (based on resource impacts) being worth different amounts. The coupon chart is here.


The challenge appeared to me because it doesn’t ban anything as such, and it doesn’t exclude anything either, which I often find a bit problematic with some challenges. It does exclude second hand clothes, which makes sense from a sustainability point of view which is the key thing for Meg (?) and Nik. However, my own aim for the challenge is to also reduce/contain the amount of clothes I’ve got and to save money in light of the higher mortgage and baby-related expenditure. So while I will exclude second hand things from the official coupon count, I will record them in monthly roundups. Just as well most charity shops are not particularly buggy accessible!

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  • Alice 30 January 2013, 2:13 pm

    This is a really interesting idea, I’m not keen on clothing challenges either, but this one seem pretty reasonable, but seeing as I buy most of my clothes second hand anyway it probably wouldn’t make a difference to my wardrobe size. A year seems like a really long time as well. Looking forward to seeing how you manage xo
    Alice recently posted..What I Wore: Rust DreamMy Profile

    • Franca 30 January 2013, 2:43 pm

      I don’t think it’s meant to reduce wardrobe size, that’s just an additional aim I am setting myself, so I will hold myself accountable for all charity shop purchases as well.

  • Stephannie 1 February 2013, 9:57 pm

    I have signed up for this challenge too. I am hoping that it will help me to reduce my wardrobe size too. However only a few weeks in and I have already spent coupons. Hmmm, think I will need to be tougher in future. Good luck!

  • Jenny 6 February 2013, 1:18 pm

    Goodness- you’re doing this with a changing body- what a champ! DH and I frequently shop second hand stores and are counting those as part of this challenge. Good luck.
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