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Milo week 5-8

weeks 5-8

Here’s the next installment of weekly chair photos! These weeks have been so exciting, he’s changing so much. At the beginning he was still all floppy and slumpy, by the end he was quite happily sitting upright in the chair. The best thing is he’s smiling all the time now (although he’s looking rather grumpy in the chair photos!) I’m trying to get him to stick his tongue out, which he occasionally mimics, but mainly he just thinks it’s hilarious. He’s such a darling!

In sleep news, he’s been in his lovely crib for three nights now! Twice with lots of waking up and lots of effort to get him back to sleep each time, to the point where I thought for my sanity it was better to just have him in the bed with us. But then yesterday he only woke up once! We did have a nightmare evening of constant screaming for no reason beforehand, so I suppose he spent his crying quota!

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  • Susan K 21 February 2013, 1:19 pm

    Wow, Milo is getting so big! His face is changing from a newborn to a baby. Way to go, sitting up like that! (And yeay to you guys, getting him to sleep a bit in the crib!)

  • Julie 27 February 2013, 7:25 pm

    I love the way you are documenting his age/growth! I much prefer your numbers to those stickers you can buy to stick on their clothes. Your way is much classier, and totally unique. Also, Milo is so cute. Congratulations!