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Pink and Black

black and pink
black and pink 2
fabhatrix hat
black and pink 3
red coat

This was another exact replica of an outfit I’d worn previously. This seems to be the norm today, I wear something I really like and then don’t have time for pictures, so I have to wear it again. First wear was to my friends pre-hen night (she’s having a hen weekend which I’m sadly not able to go to, but was doing a night in Edinburgh as well), and this second wear to return to our old neighbourhood to look at some furniture. If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen the beautiful mid century sideboard we chose, I love it so much! I’ll do some proper pictures soon! We then also went to see one of Dave’s old work mates with Milo. He somewhat blew his run of being absolutely good as gold in public, and saving the crying for the evenings, by whining solidly for two hours. But she was crazy about him anyway!

Also wanted to say thank you for the kind comments on my last post. I know I know I know I was just being silly. I have absolutely no expectation at this point to get my old figure back any time soon, or indeed ever. All I want to do is lose enough weight/cms to fit my old clothes again. My point was more that because I am trying to lose weight (not trying that hard, mind. But trying), it scews my whole perception of myself and I am much more critical. Usually I don’t even think about my body shape at all, and am perfectly happy. Not pretend, trying-to-convince-myself perfectly happy, but I actually just don’t worry about it. But because weight loss and my body shape is on my mind, even though I’m rationally still happy and not expecting too much, emotionally it’s putting me in a place where I am suddenly self-critical. So what I’m saying is that thinking about the way I look even in this light-touch way is bad for my mental health, and my guess is it will be for other people too. Does that make sense?

Outfit stats:
* dress – gumtree * cardie – charity shop * hat – fabhatrix * shoes – gift, office * necklace (not really shown, you can see it properly here) – gift, tatty devine * coat – h&m * ring (shown properly here) – craft market in Brussels *

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  • Susan K 25 February 2013, 11:19 am

    I didn’t post a comment to your last post, but I was thinking as I saw your pic (in my reader) that you are looking shapely and lovely postpartum.
    I have already gained 18 lbs at only 24 weeks, which is way more than many of my friends at similar stages in their pregnancies. I know that every body is different in how they react to their unique cocktail of pregnancy hormones, and since my doctor hasn’t expressed concern about my, um, over-achieving weight-gain, I’ve not been too concerned (the fact I don’t eat junk/processed foods, and rarely eat out, helps me not worry). I know that I am not large, but it’s weird to have this new body with it’s new demands. And yet be completely happy with my pregnancy and feel privileged to have these experiences.
    Anyway, I dig the pink dress and seeing how happy you are.

  • kitsune-kun 25 February 2013, 3:36 pm

    cute hat!
    kitsune-kun recently posted..leftoversMy Profile

  • Helga 25 February 2013, 6:19 pm

    Darling, this HAT, this COAT, this pink cardi are heavenly!!!
    You are looking terrific!! It must be hell on the body, carrying a child and giving birth, and it must take some recuperating from! Take it easy on yourself! XXX

  • Biba 26 February 2013, 4:32 pm

    You look stunning! I remember how you said at one point that pink wasn’t really your colour, but this outfit suits you perfectly! I love mixing pink, red and green as well, it’s such a happy combination 🙂
    Biba recently posted..Winter BluesMy Profile

  • Camelia Crinoline 27 February 2013, 5:48 am

    I love this outfit. The hat is fabulous.
    Camelia Crinoline recently posted..Lotsa HatsMy Profile

  • lorena 3 March 2013, 3:03 am

    While I have not read the post you mention, regardless of what it says – my first thought when i saw your pictures was .– wao, Franca looks so good, and she just had a baby – in fact for a moment i doubted and thought this was a post from before Milo and then I saw your husband in the picture with the baby-
    And this is the perception of a total stranger that is half a world away and has nothing to lose or gain – i am just being honest 🙂