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Wartime Wardrobe Challenge – February roundup


Can’t believe another month has passed already! And so here we have the February roundup of the Wartime Wardrobe Challenge.

I’m doing pretty well in that I still haven’t spent any coupons. To be honest, I haven’t been much tempted either I’ve been so busy and as I mentioned I’m a bit bleh about my lack of weight loss, so I haven’t felt much like trying things on.

I did get a couple of things though. There’s a new charity shop near me, quite a strange one for disadvantaged people in the himalayas, so I went in to investigate. There wasn’t much, but a few nice things including this h&m dress for £4.

thrifted wrap dress

I know I need another dress like a fish needs a bike, but this one is breastfeeding friendly, so I’m making an exception. If this was new, it would use up 11 coupons.

I also got this Whistles top for £2.

new thrifted top

That was a bit of a mistake though. I like the way it looks and it’s nice and soft, but I failed to sniff the armpits and well, it’s not good! I’ve washed it twice and it doesn’t make much of a difference. I’m currently trying vinegar, if that doesn’t work it’ll be relegated to pyjama top, or in the worst case it’s getting donated again. If this was new it would use 6 coupons.

I also donated a few more things, so all is not bad.

wardrobe edit feb

  • Chiffon LK Bennet dress. I just didn’t wear this enough, it’s too smart for every day use and I don’t like it enough to wear it to a wedding.
  • Denim jacket. It’s got three quarter length sleeves, so is not great for keeping me warm, and I have too many light jackets for the climate I live in.
  • Shirt dress. I have another similar dress, and this is the less nice one of the two. The nipped in bit is above the waist and the fabric’s a bit too shiny for liking. Plus I’ve had it for so long, I don’t mind retiring it
  • Yellow cowl neck top. I do really like it, but to be honest short sleeved things don’t really work for me, its’ hardly ever warm enough for them, and this one can’t be layered underneath stuff because of the cowl neck, and it’s a wee bit tight for layering.

So, in summary, so far I have:
Coupons used: 0
Coupon equivalent for second hand items: 19
Money spent : £12.99

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  • Louise 4 March 2013, 9:32 am

    I found a magazine from 1942 this month and the fashion pages show how many coupons everything would use. It reminded me of your challenge.

  • Jessie 4 March 2013, 10:00 am

    I like your charity shop finds. Have you tried baking soda for the armpits? Mix with a little water to a thick paste, wet the fabric and smooth on the paste. Leave until dry, then it will shake off, and you can wash as usual. I have found it very effective with such smells, and the effect is cumulative so if it helps but doesn’t completely get rid of the smell you can do it again and it should improve further. Good luck!

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