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Ill be back to normal posting soon (I have a squillion photos to edit and about ten posts in draft), but my parents are still here and today I just wanted to quickly update on my promotion board. We had a difficult day and night with Milo immediately before (we thought he was teething and he showed all the symptoms, though Dave took him along to his dentist’s appointment and she thought it would be another couple of months yet until the first tooth pokes out), and I had asked for longish breaks in between the assessment elements so I could express in peace, so I was there from 8.45 til 3.30, and completely exhausted by the end of it.

Anyway, it went ok, pretty mixed. There were four elements, one went really well, one fine, one so-so and one pretty badly. They assessed 17 people for four jobs and two places on the reserve list, so even if I did pass it, I’m 100% sure I’m not in the top 6, so I can pretty much forget about it now. I’m so pleased it’s done, it’s the summer (kind of, in between hail storms), and I’m still on maternity leave til October, so it’s all good!

This photo was taken immediately when I got home (I’m still wearing my suit jacket) and I think it’s my favourite photo of Milo and I. It’s so hard to capture his smile on camera, and I love that we’re smiling together.

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