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Eurovision night

German flag
German flag
German flag

This was from Saturday night which you may or may not know was Eurovision night. I love Eurovision, or rather I love Eurovision parties where you can laugh at all the contestants! The party I went to asked each person to dress up as a country and I was allocated Germany. I love dressing to a theme! I just went for a simple schwarz-rot-gold flag outfit, with some brooches, cos I do love brooches. Sorry for crummy photos, it was one of those days when it never got light.

And because I know you all *really* care, these were my picks of the night:

The one that I wanted to win: Greece Kind of like Gogol Bordello, no? And I think any winner should have a good visual concept/some sort of performance thingy. That’s why I wasn’t impressed with Ukraine doing so well, they had the giant man carry her on but then it was just a lady in an evening dress standing still. What’s the point in that? Anyway, I guess it’s good for their national finances that Greece didn’t win.

My favourite of the bookies favourites: Norway. Much better than the Danish winner which was very catchy but basically just the chorus over and over again. And flutes, I don’t like flutes! This one was an actual song, and the singer looked amazing with her retro beyonce type bum, her eighties dress and the braid.

The one I actually thought was the best tune: Hungary. I would totally listen to this in real life, outwith a Eurovision scenario. And I love the way the wee singer man looks!

I know it’s mostly geopolitics, and nothing to do with the actual songs, but it’s fun to forget about that for a bit. And I did actually think that the music wasn’t too bad. I’m pleased that actual big names are representing the countries, rather than it being left to novelty acts. I’d still love Radiohead or someone to represent Britain one day!

Outfit stats:
Top – h&m maternity * skirt – zara, oldoldold * shoes – clarks orginals * button brooch – I made it * flower brooch – gift * bunny brooch – materialised *

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  • Rhianne 24 May 2013, 8:14 am

    I missed it this year and I’m a bit sad about that, I did see some of the semi finals though. I love your outfit, the skirt is lovely. I haven’t been to a Eurovision party in ages… I should really go to one next year!
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  • The Waves 24 May 2013, 10:49 am

    Oh, Eurovision is a must! We watched it at home, but I’d definitely take part in a dress-up party if I got the chance! I didn’t think much of the Danish entry either, but I guess it’s never about the best song winning. 🙂 I liked the Hungarian song, too, but I think my overall favorite was the Netherlands.
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  • Helen 24 May 2013, 4:43 pm

    I LOVE Eurovision, seriously I would like to go and see it live. I went to a party where people dressed up, my friend had Bulgaria and dressed as the womble Uncle Bulgaria- fantastic