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Milo week 17 – 20

weeks 17-20

Bit less behind the times this time! He’s growing, taller, but mainly chunkier! Presumably he’ll slim down a bit once he starts moving about, which I think won’t be too much further off. He used to hate being on his stomach, and would usually last about 30 seconds before throwing up and collapsing into the pool of milk, but now he’s ok with it, though he’s trying to crawl but can’t work it out yet, so he does get frustrated. He also rolled over from front to back a few times, but won’t consistently do it. It’s pretty exciting anyway!

In sleep news, I am more tired than I was at any point because he’s pretty much abandoned daytime naps longer than half an hour unless he’s being pushed about in the buggy (or after the baby swimming. Slept for two hours after that one week, twas amazing) and waked up at 5.30 – 6.00, which leaves me feeling pretty zombified a lot of the time. He did sleep through one night, which was sooo good!

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