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Shutterfly plate review


A wee while ago, I was contacted by Shutterfly for a review. Shutterfly are an online photo business, where you can upload your photos and get all sorts of stuff, prints, books, cards, canvas prints, iPhone cases, that kind of thing. But one thing they do that I hadn’t seen before is plates, and I liked the idea, because a plate is useful, rather than a standy abouty thing which I am trying to keep to a minimum.

So I came armed with some photos to try out. The way it works is that you upload the photos and add them into the plate template. You can then add writing and all sorts of designs, though that’s not my cup of tea so I just stuck with the simple images. Once you’ve got the photo and all your edits done, you can click preview, and it shows you what the plate will look like. Everything you’ve made you can save so you don’t have to redo it at a later point. It’s pretty fun! What you see above are those previews.

I actually found it really hard to select a picture. I’ve got so used to my pictures being rectangular or square, I couldn’t really visualise what they would look like with the edges taken off. I tried things along three themes: Milo, food and flowers/nature. I do think some of the ones you see above are quite funny looking, but a few I like. In the end I went for this one:


Milo and Dave! It might be kind of weird to eat off their faces, but I liked the composition, and it was Dave’s favourite too. The plate itself looks really good, I thought it might be more obvious that the image is printed on, but it’s really good quality, you get all the tones from the photo and it looks like it’s part of the plate. They are supposedly dishwasher proof, though it does say no abrasive detergents, so I’m not sure, I might just handwash.

Oh, and the usual price of a plate it $18, but it’s reduced to $14 just now. They’ve also always got shipping offers on if you’re in the US.

Just in case that wasn’t clear, I was given the plate to review, but was not paid otherwise. All views are my own, obviously!

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