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Improvised baby hat

improvised baby hat

I made up this baby hat! I’m so excited about finally knowing how to do colourwork, the possibilities are endless and I have loads of ideas!

I had vague plans to write this up as a pattern, but in the end I couldn’t work out how to distribute the blue bits at the top evenly while reducing, so I fudged it quite a lot. I also made the hat far too small for Milo, it was probably a bit too small to begin with, but I also forgot that colourwork does not stretch at all, whereas usually hats I’ve made have always expanded massively after blocking. Possibly it also made a different that this was the first hat I’ve made using the magic loop technique, which is meant to make things tighter isn’t it.

So anyway, I’m keeping it to the side as an emergency baby present for any newborn that comes along!

p.s. Milo’s 6 month today! MENTILE!

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