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Male fashion interlude

vans shirt
vans shirt
vans shirt
action shot
folk cardie

Lookit guys, a male outfit post! The excitement! Doesn’t Dave just look dashing even with the slightly bedraggled hair? (Hello, babies!)

The occasion of this is that I was contacted by the British-based online shop surfdome for a review. I had a look, and although the front page does not initially look too promising (all converses and bikinis for some reason), it’s a great online shop with loads of lovely stuff, covering all types of clothes and shoes from over 800 brands. It’s nicely searchable by various characteristics too, which makes the masses of stuff there is more manageable.

I was in a flurry of indecision what to pick when I thought NO. I will be good. The do stock ethical brands like seasalt (which is a definite bonus), but I am also doing the wartime wardrobe challenge because I am trying to reduce the size of my wardrobe and I don’t need anything just now.

Dave on the other hand really could do with some shirts, because for some reason since he’s moved to the stats group he’s started wearing shirts instead of tshirts to work (This is weird. Stattos have a lot less time away from desks than policy people which he was before. I think it’s cos he’s now a permanent employee rather than a temp. Anyway, I digress). So I offered my review voucher to him cos I’m lovely like that.

This shirt is what he picked. It’s by Vans and it’s lovely! I am very impressed with the quality, it’s really nicely heavy cotton that will last for ages, and a fun print, but that’s not too crazy, so is still work appropriate. The stock loads more vans shirts, mostly classic single colour styles and checky tartan plaid things.

The cardigan was my birthday present to Dave by the way. It’s by Folk clothing, I got it off ebay. There used to be this shop goodstead on Rose Street here in Edinburgh that I always liked the look of but never actually went into. Then it closed down. Then a while later it turns out that one of the owners is a cousin of this guy I know and he put a link on facebook of the ebay sale for the remainder of the stock. It’s a lovely cardie, really soft Merino wool, with great finishing and details. I don’t think you can see it properly in the picture, but all the buttons have got six holes, and the way they’re sewn on spells FOLK.

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  • Maria 21 June 2013, 8:10 am

    Hi Franca,
    Loving the male outfit post! I’m a bit of a birder (very amateur), so I was trying to ID the birds on Dave’s shirt before you helpfully zoomed in closer in a later photo and hey, there are all the names!
    Love the shirt, and the cardigan.

  • Desiree 21 June 2013, 8:59 am

    I gasped at this shirt with all of it’s beautiful water birds, and they’re named! It looks fantastic on Dave and I love the cardi your bought him for his birthday – lucky you in tracing the last of the stock from that shop 🙂 xoox
    Desiree recently posted..No Fixed PersonalityMy Profile

  • Ceri 21 June 2013, 9:03 am

    Really love that shirt. I am going to check out Surfdome. Mr S is always in need of clothes and its his Bday soon. They also have some Patagonia stuff there.
    Ceri recently posted..3 Great Ethical Fashion Brands for SummerMy Profile

  • jesse.anne.o 21 June 2013, 7:01 pm

    I love this shirt- and the cardigan, too! Milo looks pretty cute!
    jesse.anne.o recently posted..Vegan style: Vaute Couture & Vegan Shop Up Field TripMy Profile