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Milo week 21 – 24

weeks 21-24

So, last time I did one of these posts I was talking about how Milo was growing and chubbing up! Well, that was NOTHING! Now you can really see it, and he’s shooting up the weight distribution chart too. He was just over the 9th percentile at one point and now he’s between the 25th and 50th. It just so happened that the health visitor came round two weeks after I got him weighed, and in those tow weeks he put on 400g! (this is quite a lot. At the beginning when he was tiny I got him weighed every fortnight and he’d usually put on 100g). He’s getting a bit heavy to carry around now, obviously my arm muscles did not keep up with the growth spurt!

Anyway, the main news is that we started him on real food! Solids you call it though it wasn’t solid solids until Monday, just purees and mash. I have tons to say about everything weaning related so I will probably give it its own post. I’m sure no one is the slightest bit interested, but I do have very cute pictures of him with food all over his face, so It’ll be worth it, I promise!

On the movement front, if I’d been writing this yesterday I’d have said no news, he obviously can roll over, but he pretty much can’t be arsed to actually do it. He’s rolled over from back to front just once, about a month ago and never again. However, this morning (I’m writing this on Wednesday) he managed about ten seconds of unaided sitting before falling over. So exciting! It’s so weird with these things, you think they’ll take ages to get there then one day they just go and do it!

What else? He’s still super smiley and he loves to make noise. He’s pretty much constantly ‘saying’ something and squeals with delight when you pretend to eat him, blow raspberries on him or take his clothes off. Yeah, those are his favourite things!

So I think that was enough proud mama chat from me for now, have a good weekend!

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  • Jessica 14 June 2013, 8:27 am

    Wow, look at that growth-spurt! I am one of those readers who loves baby-talk, and especially yours, as the quality of your opinions and thoughts which I have always appreciated in your thoughts-about-fashion posts is also evident in your parenting thoughts posts. So thanks, and I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say about weaning.

  • Veronica Darling 14 June 2013, 10:23 am

    I love all bits of your blog, so tell us about feeding him too! And with photos!

    We did ‘Baby Led Weaning’ which means different things in different countries, but it’s pretty much put steamed veggies & soft fruit in front of them and when they can pick it up and put it in their mouths, that’s eating. I just flop down whatever we eat (without the salt or wine – the other night we made risotto and almost gave him some! WHOOPS!) and if he eats it YAY, if he doesn’t, the dog gets it!

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  • Carina 14 June 2013, 7:26 pm

    Du beschreibst das alles immer so schön dass ich es lese obwohl ich keine Mama bin 😀
    Der Kleine ist aber auch so ein goldiges Baby! Bin gespannt auf die Bilder von ihm beim essen/matschen 😉
    Carina recently posted..overexposed blouseMy Profile

  • Hollie 15 June 2013, 1:45 am

    wow! What a difference three weeks makes!! CUTIE PIE!
    Hollie recently posted..Wacky Fashion Wednesday: VOGOFF editionMy Profile

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