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Moo cards

moo cards

I mentioned the other day that I’ve had come greeting parts printed with my photoraphs on. I couldn’t decide which one’s to go for, so I went a bit mad and did loads of them. this is them all, and also including four or so older ones I had done ages ago.

The company I used was moo, and I cannot recommend them enough. We used another, cheaper company for our wedding thank you cards, but these are so much better quality. there’s a nice weight to the paper and the print quality is lovely. Also, matte not shiny, which I prefer.

This is absolutely not a sponsored post, I just really like them, but if anyone felt inspired to have some printed, I do have a referral link, if you buy through that, it’s 10% for you, and I get something too (not actually too sure how much, but still, something. This is the link.

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