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Red, grey and yellow (and question on the new flickr)

grey and red
avec bebe
grey and red and blue3
grey and red
grey and red
grey and red and blue3
Milo and me

An outfit from ages ago, before it got properly warm.

Today I have a question for those of you that use flickr: What do you think of the changes? I don’t hate it as much as some people do, but I do have two fairly substantial issues with it:

1. If you click on a format it is displayed in a tiny format on a black background. It looks ugly and messy, with the bottom of the page still being white. What I loved about the old display was that the picture default size was fairly big, and that it was simple, white background, no bells and whistles.

2. I actually quite like how the new tiled home page displays lots of pictures, but it is nigh on impossible now to get to old photos if they are not in a set, because you just have to keep scrolling and scrolling downwards with pictures that are still loading. Related to this, there seems to be quite a lot of buggyneas, with pictures randomly not displaying in the order they were uploaded.

I’m also unsure whether to switch to the free version now you get a terrabyte. I kind of like it advert free, though it looks like such a mess now in places, I guess having adverts isn’t going to make that much of a difference. Plus you can block them with adblock I gather.

I am also worried that messing with the format and making it free is an act of desperation to get users back. I guess Flickr has been losing popularity in the last few years, and this might just be the last ditch attempt to save itself. I’m quite tempted to move somewhere else, or maybe just a cloud storage thing like dropbox, and start hosting my photos directly on the blog instead, before it all goes wrong and my photos disappear into the ether.

Does anyone have any recommendations for alternatives? I don’t care about the social network aspect, I want a storage that is visually appealing and lets me browse my own photos easily. It’s that latter that stops me from just storing it all in a dropbox or on a computer. I have an old external hard drive full of photos and no idea what they are. I loved flickr for helping me keep on top of it. Alternatives mentioned in the flickr forums are ipernity and smugmug but I’ve not had a look yet.

Outfit stats:
* top – from maternity bundle off gumtree * skirt – h&m, aeons ago * shoes – torpattoffeln * brooch – materialised * earrings – me made *

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  • Julia 7 June 2013, 8:24 am

    Hi Franca, love your outfit! You’re really rockin’ that colour combo and the bunny brooch goes brilliantly.
    I really don’t like the changes they’ve made to Flickr, especially the black background. It’s also more difficult to find descriptions and comments. I’m giving Ipernity a go because I like its calm uncluttered look . It’s free to upload up to 200 mb per month and straightforward to navigate. So far so good!
    P.s. Happy BD x

  • Vix 7 June 2013, 8:25 am

    Happy Birthday! Don’t you both look cute and colourful?
    I stopped using Flickr, too many perverts! xxx
    Vix recently posted..Road Trippin’My Profile

  • Roobeedoo 7 June 2013, 3:18 pm

    Great outfit – so many cute details 🙂
    I really do NOT like new Flickr. I struggled to edit the permissions on individual photos so have had to throw them all into sets and then set privacy on the whole set… and really old sets had defaulted to “public” when they were absolutely definitely previously private and I started to get upsetting messages from weirdos (just my wedding photos – nothing dodgy!)
    I don’t know an alternative. I used to use kodakgallery and then they went bust and I lost all my pictures, because my password was refused on the new site. Ugh. Bring back old Flickr!
    Roobeedoo recently posted..Help in the GardenMy Profile

  • MarieAnge 7 June 2013, 4:22 pm

    I’d go with Google+. I’ve had Google+ for years and love the format. (used to be known as Picassa). You have the option of making albums, and each album can be set to private or public. You can edit your photos as well if you want.

  • Lorena 7 June 2013, 5:24 pm

    You’re looking good Franca and Milo is the perfect accessory.
    Like you, I use flickr to “keep my act together” as although i have all my pictures i really don’t know where they are. I think i skipped that class where people were taught to file 🙂
    I think it’s quite messy, but since i use the free version i feel i don’t have much options.
    Lorena recently posted..May’s Closet EditsMy Profile

  • Hollie 7 June 2013, 9:59 pm

    eek, I’m not very familiar with flickr. I used to use it but I kind of forgot about it. Love the outfit by the way. That’s my fave style of skirt.
    Hollie recently posted..NY: Day TwoMy Profile

  • Desiree 8 June 2013, 4:46 am

    Absolutely gorgeous Franca!!!!! What a beautiful set of pics of you and your bonny wee lad. I nearly fainted with desire at your beautiful blazer and I adore your tights with those shoes – you really suit red! xoxo
    Desiree recently posted..We’ve Come So FarMy Profile

  • Kate 18 June 2013, 6:13 am

    Blipfoto is very elegant – and the daily photo thing is a good discipline.