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Back from holidays

On a beach in south Uist

We had our first break for the summer last week, a little jaunt up to North Uist in the Western Isles, where our friend’s parents have a holiday house. Not really a jaunt much, to be honest, more like an epic treck around Scotland. We stopped off for a night on Skye, from where the ferry was going, and we didn’t help ourselves by starting the journey off with a visit to some other friends in Aberdeen, and their three month old daughter. So a lot of driving! Milo wasn’t too keen on all the sitting in the car seat and it really messed up his sleeping pattern, and I ended up feeding him way more than I usually would to calm him down (and man am I glad I’m still breastfeeding). He enjoyed being out and about on the beaches and dunes though getting rosy cheeks from the wind and did well with all the strange new people he was exposed to. It’s good for him to see the world and not get too settled into his routine, even if he was delighted to be back home and reunited with his baby gym.

Anyway, was a lovely holiday apart from all the driving, and I have loads and loads of pictures of all the amazing landscape, which I think I’ll share over several posts, once I’ve sorted through and edited them, which always seems to take me forever these days!

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  • madam0wl 2 July 2013, 2:44 am

    I’m on holidays a bit myself, here at my parents in midwestern US, but just had to comment to say how cute Milo is in that picture. I want to reach in there and squeeze his little solemn beach going cheeks. Just like I did to a waking from a nap 10 month old I saw of my friend’s the other day. Plus I was around another friend’s cutie pie 1 yr old today and was finally like OMG I’m going to get baby rabies, get me out of here!
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  • Carina 2 July 2013, 12:17 pm

    Ooooh ich bin so neidisch, die Isle of Skye steht schon lange ganz oben auf meiner Bucket List!! Schottland allgemein, ihr habt so wunderschöne Landschaft dort!! <3
    Und offensichtlich auch die strahlendsten Mums und die süßesten Babies!!! 😀
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