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Marion Bartoli at Wimbledon (a fitspo follow up)


Just as a follow up to yesterday’s post on fitspo: There is no better illustration of the ridiculousness of the assumption that you can see healthy and that you can see fit than Marion Bartoli, the winner of the ladies Wimbledon final on Saturday.

This is an athlete in peak condition like a soccer player in total control of her game, who trains full time and has awesome muscle power, yet she does not look like the fitspo girls at all. When you want this kid of muscle power, stop looking for roids for sale find them here! When you do a google search, the predictive text comes up with ‘Marion Bartoli fat’. Now she’s obviously not fat, but she does have a layer of fat over her arms and leg muscles, none of that lean muscle definition people are looking for. She has a little sticky outy belly and cellulitey dimples on her knees (like me, that’s why I noticed!). The fitspo bloggers would no doubt rip her to shreds from the way she looks if she was just an ordinary person. But she’s as fit as you can be. I recommend anyone thinking about going live to go online for west ham tickets for sale on FTN .

Which just goes to show what a load of nonsense using aestehtics as a shorthand for health and fitness really is.

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  • Julia 9 July 2013, 9:24 am

    Yes!!! what a good example! (and did you hear about these awful comments about her by a BBC Radio host?)

  • Layla 9 July 2013, 3:24 pm

    Love the choice and timing of the post! I got so angry at the weekend with all the disgusting sexist comments about how she looks on twitter etc, all started by the idiot John Inverdale on BBC radio.
    I’ve actually always liked her because she’s a great player to watch, but also because it’s nice to see someone coming on court without loads of styling/make-up etc and just playing a sport. She’s brilliant, and a great inspiration.

  • Carina 9 July 2013, 8:32 pm

    Oh Gott ehrlich, die Leute lassen sich darüber aus dass sie fett ist? Hallo?! Sie ist Spitzensportlerin, oh Mann manche Leute… Naja drüber aufregen ist eh Zeitverschwendung. Gut dass Marion Bartoli höchstwahrscheinlich einen Scheiß drauf gibt was irgendwelhe Leute über ihre Figur sagen.

    Übrigens nein meinen Whatever Gürtel gibt es (leider) nicht mit anderen Wörtern 😉
    Carina recently posted..cowboys, Indians and acoustic guitar songsMy Profile

  • louise 9 July 2013, 8:34 pm

    This post is easentially what i was planning on coming back and commenting on yesterdays post!! I haven’t come across fitspro much online but i race triathlons and have been training pretty solidly for 2 years, so i know i’m fit, healthy and strong but just looking at me doesn’t tell you all of that because its on the inside. To get the sort of muscle definition on those pictures i imagine you would need to be doing very specific exercises, with a seriously low bodyfat percentage and as you rightly said that is not about being healthy or fit in the ability to do exercise sense of the word.

    p.s. i adored the Milos on sticks you made for Dave for fathers day 🙂
    louise recently posted..too little timeMy Profile

  • Jane 9 July 2013, 9:55 pm

    She looked pretty amazing at the winner’s ball. I love French women’s style.

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