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Milo week 25 – 28

weeks 25-28

I’m still keeping going, even when we are away from the orange chair and teddy! I’m hoping to continue until he’s one, then I’ll maybe go monthly.

Anyway… news. I think last time I wrote one of these posts, he’d just started sitting up but was still a bit wobbly. Well, he’s stable now and he’s MOVING! Still no crawling, but he’s finally found the motivation to roll, and roll he does. Everywhere. We had a close shave one time when I plonked him down in the middle of the bed, which used to be the securest place ever, but he almost rolled off, Dave just caught him. Scary biscuits. We’ll have to install the child security door on the top of the stairs soon. He also does that thing now where he stuff his feet into his mouth – so cute!

And bouncing! we finally caved in and got a jumperoo (we were resisting, because it takes up so much space, and looks so ugly), but he loves it! Bouncing bouncing bouncing away. Lats week I put him in there and stuck some glastonbury coverage on, and he was bopping away to the arctic monkeys. It’s great, because it means I can actually do chores while he’s awake, and don’t have to race around like a woman possessed the minute he falls asleep.

What else? Food! He’s definitely better at this eating lark, some days he properly wolfs stuff down. Not always though, sometimes he takes hardly any. It’s difficult not to obsess over the amount he’s eating, I met up with some other mums whose babies are all about nine months and they were having loads! And they were all carrying tons of different stuff around for their babies to have. Not really an option for me though, I can’t take stuff that needs a spoon out, because he won’t open his mouth when I try to feed him, the closest I can get is to hand him the spoon and then keep holding onto it while he puts it in his mouth himself.

I’d love to do more finger food, but I do feel my options are pretty limited. The only two things that properly work are grisini and melon. Apricots, toast, broccoli and sandwiches kinda work most of the time as well, but not always. Other fruit and veg not so much, they’re usually too slippy, or too squishable. I’ve made a couple of special finger food things, but I’m having issues to get stuff to hold together at the best of times before he even gets his wee hands on them. I don’t know how people that do hardcore BLW, i.e. no spoons, do it! I can only hope his coordination improves soon so I can expand the types of things I can take out. Anyway, for now I’ll just feed him at home and we’ve got plenty of time and it all seems to be on the right track. At least he doesn’t seem to object to anything on a flavour basis, he’s pretty indiscriminatory that way.

Whew, that was a bit of a stream of consciousness! Hope you don’t mind!

Happy weekend!

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  • Rhianne 12 July 2013, 8:17 am

    I don’t mind at all 🙂 and the idea of him bopping away to the Arctic Monkeys made me smile so much.
    Rhianne recently posted..The last colour photos from LindisfarneMy Profile

  • Martha McKie 12 July 2013, 1:30 pm

    Hi Franca!! I’m Martha, I’m on your mailing list, and though I don’t visit your website often, I’m always sure to look at Milo’s weekly pics! I’m 59 years old and have never had any children (though I teach piano and I adore children of all ages!) and I just so appreciate you posting these pictures. Once you switch to monthly, I hope you do it until Milo is 21 OR OLDER!! Hahahhahahhah! But really, with such a good start, and no doubt a habit established, it would be a treasure for everyone in your family, in Milo’s life to come, and for (ahem) SCIENCE!!
    Just remember to do the same for allllllll of your children. :0)
    I live in Jacksonville Florida, in the U.S. It is so fun to see Scotland in everyday life. In fact, with your interest in clothing, your darling baby and husband, and your well-kept website, you seem to be living a pretty glamorous life! Have a fantastic weekend. Love, Martha McKie!

  • Eli 13 July 2013, 3:05 am

    How adorable!! Babies are the cutest little things that will scare the life out of you!!
    Eli recently posted..A retro futureMy Profile