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August break on instagram: Days 18 to 25

Day 18: looking down Day 19: white
Day 20: taste Day 21: something old
Day 22: midday Day 23: sacred
Day 24: hear Day 25: Sunday morning

Day 18: looking down. From our bedroom window into the neighbours garden.

Day 19: white. Well, black and. Was amused by this cat licking its bits in front of the university library, where loads of people are walking past to get to the fringe stuff happening nearby. Not fazed in the slightest.

Day 20: taste (take two). I just got the new ottolenghi book Jerusalem out of the library, some amazing recipes in the vegetables section!

Day 21: something old. I know Ginger is not a thing, but old he definitely is. He’s stopped grooming himself properly now cos he can’t reach properly any more, so his coat goes into dreadlocks and I’m forever trying to pull them apart and brush out the excess hair. Poor baby cat!

Day 22: midday. Getting the microbe ready for lunch. I usually give him a bread stick to amuse himself with while I get all the bits ready

Day 23: sacred. This was by far the hardest prmpt for me so far. Lots of people went for pictures of churches or crosses, and there are plenty of those around me, but I am not religious or even that spiritual, so they don’t hold that meaning for me. So instead I went for a picture of the entrance of St. Andrews House, the oldest of the Scottish Government buildings and where I worked before I went on mat leave. Its symbols stand for civic values, like objectivity, justice and the public good, which are as sacred as anything is ever going to get for me. Or something.

Day 24: hear. This is our 1930s radio. You can’t actually hear anything, its missing all its innards, but we love the way it looks in the kitchen. It was my birthday present to Dave one year.

Day 25: Sunday morning. Very early, trying to contain Milo’s energy and putting trousers on his head

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  • Jane 27 August 2013, 9:19 pm

    Your little one is growing so fast.