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August break on instagram Days 26 to 31

Day 26: YES Day 27: number
Day 28: smell Day 29: my fave thing
Day 30: sign Day 31: smile

Today is the last day! I’m going to do a roundup of all the pics on Monday, so I thought I’d post the last batch today.

Day 26: yes! I had an assessment centre that morning, the second of these wretched things while on maternity leave. I’m not feeling too great about it, but at least it’s done now, and I can fully enjoy my last month off with Milo, yes! Also the badge I’m wearing, which I obviously didn’t take into the assessment, says yes! It’s from a gig ages ago by a band called do me bad things.

Day 27: number. Love this gate!

Day 28: smell. The spice room in the gallery of modern art. Those nets are filled with fragrant spices. In not quite sure what the message of it is (the exhibition is on death and the body) but it smells amazing in there!

Day 29: my fave thing. Cup of tea with chocolate. I usually favour dark chocolate (or green and blacks milk, hmmm) but white hazelnut crisp was all we had. Also I don’t usually drink it out of my granny’s vintage porcelain, but I thought I’d make an effort for the photo. Was feeling very civilised!

Day 30: sign. One of my favourite haunts during my early maternity leave. I need to go back before I go back to work!

Day 31: smile. This streetart made me smile, even if the face does look a bit grumpy.

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