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August break on instagram: days 5 to 11

Day 5: close up Day 6: diagonals
Day 7: skyline
Day 8: a selfie Day 9: taste
Day 10: red Day 11: play

Day 5: close up. A little standy abouty decoration that’s metal birds on a beautiful polished wooden base. Dave’s mum got it for him as a present from a gallery on Broughton Street.

Day 6: diagonals. Flower in our front garden.

Day 7: skyline. Arthur’s Seat seen from the road up to Observatory Hill. With lots of allotments in the front.

Day 8: a selfie. In my living room. I’ve been trying to keep the filtering to a minimum with the august break pics, but had to go all out on this one. I have a massive spot on either side of my face, so I don’t even have a ‘good’ side just now.

Day 9: taste (part 1. Day 20 is also taste for some reason). I was struggling with this, most people went with taking pictures of their food, but I wasn’t eating anything photogenic today. So I went with avocados from a fruit and veg shop. I love avocados, the taste and the texture. Wasn’t tasting them that day though, sadly.

Day 10: red. Image in the changing rooms in the Armstrong changing rooms on Clerk Street.

Day 11: play. On the swings in the baby playground

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