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Milo week 33 – 36

weeks 33-36

And we’re back again! I think last time i did one of these posts he had just started crawling. He’s got that down properly now, and we’ve moved on to pulling himself up! It’s funny, the crawling was a gradual process, he was practicing, going a little further every day, and then moving from commando to proper crawling. But the pulling up thing happened instantly, one day he was pulling up onto his knees, the next his feet and that was that. He then spent a few days pulling up, falling down, pulling up again… ALL DAY, it was exhausting having to watch him like a hawk and calm him down all the time, because he’d invitably fall into something. Thankfully he’s now much more stable on his legs and has learnt how to fall with a bit more control, and he’s got over having to pull himself up every waking minute. It’s so weird though, how these things happen without anyone showing him, the way he just knows what he’s meant to do next.

On the food front, we have had another weird development, in that he’s decided now that actually he’s ok (in the bitish sense, hehe) with being fed after all, just at the point when the developmental stages book says babies often start taking the spoons themselves. He does still take the spoon sometimes but he also opens his mouth for me to stick it in, which makes feeding times a million times easier and faster if they need to be! He’s also doing pretty well with chewing chunky food. For a while I think he was just swallowing bigger things whole, but now he can actually mush them down (though still only two teeth!). I think next I’ll start just putting stuff on the table in front of him, rather than holding the finger food out in front of him to pick up. I’m so glad he’s a good eater, I am enjoying the weaning immensely!

I guess there’s going to be a lot of changes by the next time I do one of these roundups, because I’m back at work on the 30th, and he has his first nursery day on the 1st!

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  • Debi 20 September 2013, 8:56 am

    Wow! He is getting so big! I love these updates!

  • Hollie 22 September 2013, 4:32 pm

    wonderfully adorable little man! I love the way you dress him!
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