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Milo’s album part 5


First, off, do you like my new header? My sister made it for me as a birthday present, but only got round to putting it up just now. I liked having everything minimal and grey for a while, but it’s time to bring just a teeny bit of colour back in!

And speaking of my sister and her scrapbooking, here’s a new installment of pages from Milo’s album. we actually have it here with us in Edinburgh new (it is Huge!), though there are a few pages still missing, and then she will carry on with a second one. Love it!

She’s just joined Pinterest as well and is adding all the new pages to this album. Incidentally, you should follow all her boards! Kind of makes me want to start populating my sadly beglected pinterest!

Or, if you prefer to see them large without clicking on them, previous installments here on the blog:
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  • sister 8 September 2013, 9:06 am

    So eingescannt sieht der Hadder ganz anders aus. Aber auch sehr cool.

  • sister 11 September 2013, 8:42 am

    Oh oh! Habe gerade entdeckt dass ich bei dem “Vater sein” ein “b” anstat einem “d” benutzt habe für das erste Foto. Ich dachte ich hätte das verbessert. Kannst du da mal bei dem Orginal nachschauen. Sonst muss ich dir im hoffendlich Oktober sonst im Dezember ein “d” mitbringen.

  • Lorena 19 September 2013, 6:08 pm

    You have no idea how much Milo will love this in the future.
    My mom made a 1 year photo album for me. It has a piece of my hair – which use to be red! (?) and silky. Something i would have never known if she had not done it. It also has pictures of her and her friends with their children and i realized later on that i went to college with one of the babies next to me in the pictures- i truly hope he treasures it.