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Autumnal colour cravings

red and grey
cambridge satchel
red and grey
red and grey

The point of this outfit was that I wanted to wear some of the work clothes I’ve had in storage for so long and have recently dug out. I still haven’t been wearing them really because I’ve been cycling to work at least twice a week, and I can’t be bothered to get completely changed, so I’ve been wearing jeans and changing my cycling top for a shirt when I get there. There isn’t huge pressure on me to dress smartly, but I think I’ll either get some smart trousers or start taking complete changes of clothes though. I have so many nice work dresses that i wouldn’t wear for weekend hanging out but are not interesting enough for weekend dressing up – it would be a shame not to wear them!

In other news, I have been majorly craving autumn colours recently. It’s really weird, I am not usually that influenced by the seasons. I’m usually into all the colours (I even made peace with pink), but at the moment I’m off the kelly green and the sunny yellow and the royal blue, I want a warm, grassy green, mustard yellow and navy. It’s very specific colours I’m craving, deep rich warm ones. Maybe it’s that I live in a part of town with lots of gardens now, and I keep seeing gorgeous multicoloured leaves everywhere. It started with me noticing people who have the burgundy coloured cambridge style satchel bags, they have such a lovely rich sheen with the leather. Other colours I’m thinking of are from my childhood. I used to do a lot of silk painting and there were two colours in partciular I remember. One was a dark, purpley navy, like the night sky, called Prussian Blue (a name now spoiled by American white supremacists), the other a rich, almost orangey green called Summer Green. How weird that I remember these now!

Anyway, I don’t have a huge amount of these autumnal shades in my wardrobe, and I’m obviously not going to go out shopping for what’s probably just a temporary colour craving (though I did buy some tights), so I’m trying to work with what I’ve got. The cardigan here is definitely not the right colour family, too cold, but it was in the used but clean laundry pile, and I needed something to cover my arms. The rest works though – and the light in the garden was so lovely!

Outfit stats:
Dress – people tree * scarf – present * shoes – clarks originals * bag – cambridge satchel company * cashmere cardie – charity shop

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  • sister 29 October 2013, 10:59 am

    Also ich finde die grau rot Kombi sehr cool. Nur die pinke Weste finde ich passt einfach nicht. Ich hätte jetzt eine dezentere Weste genommen in gelb oder dukelblau und oder eben die roten Sachen in einer anderen Farbe. Ich finde das rot- rosa ist nicht so doll. Beim Schal geht das noch gerade so, aber das Rot von der Strumpfhose passt nicht dazu.
    Ich meine übrigens keine spezielle Frabe bei den Strümpfen sondern die Art des Stoffes erstmal egal in welcher Farbe.

  • Emily (Ruby Slipper Journeys) 30 October 2013, 7:13 pm

    I really love the dress, especially with the tights and scarf… but yeah, the cardigan is a bit off.

    I cycle to work in normal clothes, but then it’s mostly flat. I do find I tend to arrive with stupid hair though…
    Emily (Ruby Slipper Journeys) recently posted..artistic endeavoursMy Profile