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Wartime Wardrobe Challenge: July – September

So yes, it’s been ages since I did one of these! Actually, everything I’m going to talk about today is stuff I got in July, because my employer-based maternity pay ran out halfway through July, and statutory maternity pay, it’s not much. When you’re having to use up your savings to pay for food and bills it really dampens your enthusiasm for shopping, even of the £5 charity shop variety.

I did however buy some actual new stuff in July (which maybe wasn’t totally sensible given my impending poverty, but I’m not *always* that sensible). Anyway, I used the first of my real WWC vouchers, as opposed to secondhand equivalents for two things from etsy seller Zib textile.

I ordered these in July but missed that the etsy sellers were moving studio and were therefore temporarily closed down, so they didn’t actually arrive til August, which cheered me up nicely!

cat sweatshirt

turquoise leggings

The sweatshirt you’ve already seen in action. The material is synthetic (30% viscose, 70% mixed yarn, whatever that means), so no brownie points for sustainability here. 6 Coupons. It cost about £32 (+/- due to Euro exchange rate).

The leggings were about £28 and are mostly cotton, with a bit of elastane. 7 Coupons.

While neither of these things are particularly environmentally friendly, they are handmade by a small independent designer, so working conditions will be good and the money will stay locally, so I do feel pretty good about it.


On top of these two new purchases, I also bought a couple of pairs of jeans second hand from a vintage/resale shop. I still love skirts and dresses, but since Milo-entertainment activities are very heavy on the bending down, sitting cross-legged front, I’m wearing more trousers out of necessity, and I was getting a bit sick of the three pairs I had in rotation, so I think these two new ones qualify as something I actually needed. One is Levi’s curve ID one, £6, and the other one a slightly flarey Lee one, £4. I also paid a tailor £7 each to have them taken up, because I am a shortarse and neither Dave or I have the skills to do jeans hems properly. Both are cotton, not sustainable as far as I know, so they would have been 7 coupons each if new.


In terms of managing the size of my wardrobe, I also got rid of various things via ebay, mostly maternity stuff. I made hardly any money, but it was quite fun to watch the bidding, and at least that way it goes to people that actually want maternity stuff. I see maternity things in the middle of normal things sometimes in charity shops, which pretty much just means they’ll get lost. People browsing normal things don’t want maternity stuff and pregnant ladies don’t know they’re there.


So in total, we have:

So in summary:
Coupons used: 19
Coupon equivalent for second hand items: 111
Money spent : £186.63

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  • Helen 7 October 2013, 2:10 pm

    This is a really interesting project, I’m really bad at unnecessary buying, I often end up with a couple of half lovely charity shop things that I don’t need just because I’m wondering around
    Helen recently posted..Brambling 2013My Profile

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