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Autumnal Pattern mixing

autumnal pattern mix

This outfit is another attempt to feed my autumnal colour cravings, this time with patterns. I actually wasn’t too sure about it when I was wearing it, the skirt length is a bit frumpy on me, but then it’s such a nice print I’m not sure I want to shorten it and lose surface area. I’m also still a wee bit tentative about pattern mixing, it doesn’t come easy to me! But actually I like the way it looks in the photo.

Incidentally, that blouse is a size s and white it fits fine round the top, is a little snug on the hips if you pull it down, so I tried to sell it on ebay, but no one would buy it. Philistines!I think it’s because the brand is ONLY/Vero Moda which doesn’t really exist in the UK. Anyway, after it didn’t sell I kinda felt bad for it like I should give it some love! Weird eh! I’m even considering shortening it to get rid of the hip issue, but I’m not sure I can be bothered, it’s not as if it looks wrong or anything, sitting the way it does. So I guess for now it’ll hang around my wardrobe for a while longer.

The other exciting thing about this outfit is the brooches. The rabbit one is by my friend Julia of materialised, isn’t it just the cutest? The other brooch I won! I take part in this thing called #noveltybroochfriday on instagram, and the owners (originators?) or that hashtag, Tunabake and Fawntastic, give away a brooch a month to everyone that uses it. Awesome, right? The one I won is by Middlemost and is made from a vintage embroidered napkin. It came all the way from Australia!

Finally, I once again feel like I need to apologise for the picture quality, this is a bit of a recurring theme at the moment I’m afraid. I got the fixed 50mm lens out again, which has a lovely low f stop, but unfortunately isn’t very good at doing the autofocus and on the low f stops it can be pretty difficult to get the manual focus right as well. Which is what happened in the case of the bigger photo, it looked fine on the camera screen but is blurry when blown up (what yo see is heavily sharpened in potatoshop).

On the close up it looks great though! I do miss that nice soft background you get since I’ve been mainly using the kit lens because I need to be able to zoom in and out if I’m going to take pictures of a moving baby! I also think the colours aren’t as good on the kit lens, but that might just be my imagination. I’m always thinking about getting a zoomy in and outy one with a lower f stop and a better autofocus and generally better quality, but then I can’t justify the amount of money that would cost just now. Or ever!

Outfit stats:
shirt – charity shop * top under – I dyed it * skirt – vintage shop * boots – el naturalista * bag – scaramanga * bunny brooch – materialised * cob brooch – middlemost *

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  • Rhianne 8 November 2013, 9:52 am

    I always seem to manage to justify new cameras and lens 🙂 and I love vera moda. I usually end up getting things from Asos that are vera moda without even trying but I’d never heard of them until I accidentally stumbled on them on there.

    I’m loving the patterns together, I’m going to have to start being braver with patterns I think 🙂
    Rhianne recently posted..Stari Grad Part 4My Profile

  • jacqueline 9 November 2013, 4:38 am

    rabbit brooch is a keeper, and i don’t reckon the skirt is frumpy at alll.
    jacqueline recently posted..Circles #32 (Hanoi)My Profile

  • Meg 10 November 2013, 4:43 pm

    How well I understand the autumnal colour cravings – I’m contemplating spending precious WWC coupons on a dress that contains… orange. Unheard of for me!

    PS – I love the mustard stockings!
    Meg recently posted..Laundry: a necessary evilMy Profile