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Knit (or crochet) a Square for charity with me!


The other day my craft group were having a knitting and crochet for charity night. One of the group members, Mary, is forever crocheting squares for this charity knit a square (KAS), which distributes blankets (and other wooly things) to orphaned children living on the streets in South Africa. People make 8 inch/20cm squares then send them off to be sewn together by volunteers in the places where they will be given out. KAS run these challenges comparing the height of squares knit to the heights of building. For a Scottish flavour, our challenge is to knit enough squares to get to the height of Greyfriars Bobby statstue (including the plinth, obviously!). I think the plan is to take a picture when it’s done and try to get some press coverage.


That does mean we need quite a lot more squares (160 last time I heard), so I was wondering if any crafty readers maybe fancy getting stuck in and send some squares to meet our target?

If you want to take part, email me for my postal address and I’ll pass them on to Mary and share photos here on the blog. Knitting or crocheting or weaving is all go, as long as it’s woolly and 8 inches square! I’d need them by the first week of December to give me enough time to photgraph and pass them on, as we’re on holidays early this year. But it’s only one littel square and it’d be so awesome to see them all lined up next to Greyfriars Bobby!

I also need to share my pride at FINALLY having learnt how to crochet granny squares. This must be the tenth time I’ve been shown how to crochet, but it’s the first time I’m vaguely getting it. That’s my first square there in the top left and look at me posing with it, hehe! I still don’t really understand the logic of crochet (That’s why I like knitting, it’s just so logical and orderly and you can understand it by looking at it), but I know how to make a granny square and that’s enough for now. I’ve so far made four and am on number five, woot!

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