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Milo weeks 41 – 44

weeks 41-44

More Milo chair-ness, now a full month behind the times! Just as well his first Birthday is coming up and then I’ll stop (or move to some other kind of photo tracking. This 52 project a photo a week thing is looking quite appealing, maybe).

Anyway, news. He’s still not walking, but he’s so getting there! Really stable on his feet now, cruising along the furniture (and round and round the coffee table. It’s really funny), pushing a chair around like a baby walker and occasionally standing unsupported for a few seconds (not consistently yet though). I cannot wait until he can walk, he is getting awfy heave to carry, and releasing a toddler to toddle around in public is a lot more socially acceptable than letting a baby crawl.

We’ve also had a bit of an improvement on the sleep front. We tried to switch over to bottles completely, which initially wreaked total havoc with his sleep. Or possibly just coincided with the change to bottles, who knows, but he was up a lot, and for ages. I was getting to the point where I was willing to try some sleep training book, which I usually avoid cos I reckon they raise unrealistic expectations, pathologise perfectly normal variation in sleep patterns between babies and/or are just trying to make money out of common sense.

But (fingers crossed!) we seem to have got through that and are now on waking up once a night, which is ok. Well, he wakes up more often but it’s only once a night where he doesn’t put himself back to sleep. I am still hoping that he’ll naturally progress to sleeping through. He has done it a couple of times recently so you never know, and he has naturally progressed from our bed to crib in our room to crib in his own room to big boy bed, and from waking up about five times a night to just the once, so I remain hopeful that I can do this without doing a programme.

Food is also all fine. He has four teeth now and can handle apples and such and is big into finger food. I’ve been making these eggy cakes baked in muffin trays which he loves! (I tried to find a recipe to link to, but couldn’t find anything quite right. Basically egg, flour, cheese and veg of choice, pour into muffin tray and bake until done. Flipping genius!) He’s not eating much at the mo, but that’s because he’s got a stinking cold, rather than some food pickiness thing – or so I hope!

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  • sister 15 November 2013, 2:52 pm

    Ich freu mich soooooooooooooooo auf die kleine Grinsebacke!!!
    Und wegen nächstem Jahr Fotos, du kannst ja anstatt jede Woche nur noch jeden Monat ein Foto machen.

  • Gracey the Giant 15 November 2013, 9:00 pm

    Oh, Milo. Why are you so darn cute!!!

    Thank you so much, Franca, for sharing him with is. He really is the cutest and I love his fluffy hair!
    Gracey the Giant recently posted..How It WorksMy Profile

  • Lorena 19 November 2013, 10:07 pm

    Oh Milo is getting SO BIG and beautiul Franca 🙂
    My brother walked when he was over a year, everyone has their own timing.