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January in review: progress on the aims


So, January’s already over! It hasn’t been a great start of the year to be honest, with lots and lots of health problems. I got appendicitis right at the start, and while I was lucky enough not to have to have an operation (sometimes antibiotics do the trick if it’s caught early enough, who knew?), I did spend way too much time in hospital and various waiting rooms, and I only got the all clear at the beginning of this week. Dave also had an operation (for an infected ingrown hair of all things) which ended up with a much bigger wound than expected and saw him signed off for all of January and unable to lift Milo up at all for two weeks. And then of course Milo got ill as well! For a while it looked like my parents were going to have to come over to look after Milo while I had the appendix out. But thankfully it didn’t come to that, and we’re all on the mend and hoping that that got all the ill health for the year out in one go!

Anyway, enough of that! Otherwise it’s not been a massively eventful month, as shown by my instagrams, which are mainly of Milo, food and things seen out of the window or on the way to work.

Anyway, I thought today I’d do an update on the 2014 aims:

Knit a jumper. Started! Of the choices I blogged about, I went for the Estelle.

Knit at least two paid patterns. One down, the Estelle was paid.

Sew one garment to a standard comparable with shop bought. No progress on this at all, sadly

Think about instagram photos more in terms of composition. This month I went for horizontal, and no filter. I really enjoyed the constraints of the horizontal framing, but I’m not sure about the colours of my snaps. It’s all very browney yellow with the mostly artificial light.

Get rid of at least ten items of clothing things. three down – sold a skirt on ebay and donated a jumper and a cardigan.

Really focus on quality, sustainability and coherence for any new purchases. So far, so good. I will blog about my purchases on Monday and my plans for my wardrobe soon, promise!

Find three recipes that become standards for mid week cooking Its probably too early to say, but we found a potato salad with homemade pesto that’s looking very promising, although we’ve only made it twice so far.

Cook at least three recipes from Plenty. Two down! The potato salad I mentioned and a yummy gorgonzola and broccoli pie.

Eat one mega salad a week. This has been a complete success! I’d say we’re averaging about three mega salads a week at the moment. So easy and tasty! Whether we can keep it up at this rate is another question of course. certaibnly we seem to be going food shopping a lot 9lettuce doesn’t keep) and have gone through inordinate amounts of olive oil!

Cycle to work three days a week. I got going pretty late with this because of all the appendix drama and the weather, but we’re getting there. I’ve yet to do three times a week, but that’s because I have been out and about quite a lot for work and have had quite a few things requiring smart dressing and straightened hair. I’m totally in love with cycling at the moment though, Dave’s mum has given me her old bike after she bought a super fancy road one, and it makes such a difference from my old one (which I bought in 2000 or so, and it wasn’t expensive then). I never thought the actual bike would make such a difference, but it really does, the new one is a lot lighter and it’s so much easier to go up hills!

Master a new yoga pose properly. I haven’t got round to even picking one yet, having barely been to the yoga at all, not having been able to go out at night since Dave couldn’t put Milo to bed. I did discover I can actually do a backbend for about three seconds though. I’ve only ever tried in classes before and then it’s always been at the end when my arms have had enough. But I haven’t practiced it regularly enough to get beyond that, and I still don’t really enjoy it as a pose.

Consistently speak German to Milo. This one’s been a complete disaster and I actually got worse than when I first set the aim. The best I’m doing at the moment is that I say something in English then repeat it in German. Must try a lot harder!

Reading him a story a day. Yup. He’s still not paying any attention, and just likes turning the pages. The only time he sat quietly was while he was ill, but then he wasn’t really taking it in. Still, he’ll get there eventually!

Offering a wider variety of food. It’s going ok I guess, though could be better. He still has never had a kiwi!

See a financial adviser. Not yet, but I did at least go to the bank and move my cash savings into a marginally higher paying account.

Drive at least once a week. I’ve followed the letter, but not the spirit of this rule. I have driven once a week, but three of those weeks that was just the ten minute round trip to the nearest supermarket which hardly counts. I am getting slightly better at judging what to do when reversing, though I still live in fear of there not being a space I can drive into on our street and having to parallel park.

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  • Mrs D 31 January 2014, 1:58 pm

    Seems like you’re doing well in your objectives 🙂 Even if not with all of them, that looks alike a lot has been tackled already!
    My only resolution was to stop spending money on clothes and curate my wardrobe a bit better. So far I haven’t purchased anything- just went to a swap and got some sponsored clothes. Result!
    I hope you and your family start feeling better soon. Good job you didn’t need surgery 🙂
    Mrs D recently posted..Last minute: I’m joining the Great British Budget challenge in February!My Profile

  • Naomi {Fräulein Famos} 31 January 2014, 8:55 pm

    Für mich klingt das eigentlich schon nach einem ziemlich guten Start, vor allem wenn beachtet, dass es gesundheitlich nicht so ganz rund lief. Für letzteres wünsche ich dir/euch im Februar mehr Glück und ich bin überzeugt, dann klappt es nach und nach auch mit dem Rest. 🙂
    Liebe Grüße, Naomi