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Luxembourg doublers

doubler 9
doubler 2

It wasn’t really photo taking weather in Luxembourg (gloomy and rainy) but I did take a few pictures of our village with the Holga lens with the intention of making them into fake double exposures. These are the results. I don’t think any of them really work, but you can’t always get it right can you. The main lesson for me is that you can’t just take pictures randomly and stick them over each other later, you have to actually take them so the compositions of the two work together. It’s given me even more respect for film photographers – that’s hard enough to do when you can see the pictures you’ve already taken, but to do it purely from memory, that’s some skill!

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  • Lorena 20 January 2014, 8:36 pm

    The pictures look quite mysterious.
    I tried going to Lux a few months back, but did not make it! maybe this will be the year…