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Milo week 48 – 52 – the last ones!

weeks 49-52

These are the last of the weekly Milo chair pictures, right up to one year old.

We’ve had loads of developments! He’s still not quite walking, but standing unaided for ages, demanding to be led around and and leading the way when we walk with him. He could totally walk himself if he tried I’m sure, but he’s a wee scaredy cat! I can tell he wants to walk, but he just needs to build up the confidence not to drop to his knees. (*** Update! He’s walking! I wrote this on Sunday, and by Monday he was starting to take steps unaided)

He’s also developed his fine motor skills much more building towers and putting shapes in holes and is finally in the stage where he likes to ‘tidy’, i.e. put things in things, rather than just knock everything down and pull everything out. Though there is still a lot of that! We got him duplo for his birthday, and every morning he makes a beeline straight for the duplo box and tips it over and starts chucking pieces everywhere.

In general, eating has been a bit his and miss. He eats loads and I’ve no worries about calories but he went through a phase of only eating starchy foods and sweet things, picking out all veg, meat and cheese from things like pasta bake. He’s a bit better now thank god, but he’s still very keen on all things bread and pasta. It was more than just the worry about the nutrients as well. I never had any expectations we were going to be amazing parents, but I always said I would be upset if I had a child that was a fussy eater, since both Dave and I love food so much. Hence the new years resolution from Wednesday about exposing Milo to a wider range of food.

The sleeping has also been mixed. On the one hand we’ve had a few nights of sleeping through til 6 – hurrah! On the other, he took ages to get back to a normal bed time after we got back from Luxembourg – 9.30 and even 22.30 were not unusual, and the sitting in his darkened bedroom waiting for him to fall asleep on me thing is pretty much out of the window now. He’s also been waking up in the middle of the night quite a lot and staying awake, and we’ve succumbed a lot and just taken him into our bed. That’s not really something I want to establish a pattern for (plus it’s not as if he falls asleep straight away there either), but when you’ve had half an hour of crying at 1.30 am, it does somehwat weaken your resolve. But I’m sure it will all work itself out!

Oh also, I’ve decided to do the chair pictures monthly from now on rather than stop completely!

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  • Frances 10 January 2014, 4:17 pm

    I love his week 51 face 🙂
    Frances recently posted..Dressing like a grown-upMy Profile

  • MarieAnge 10 January 2014, 5:03 pm

    I loved this series!
    It was so nice to watch him growing up.
    I’m glad you will continue to take monthly chair photos instead of going cold turkey. I would have really missed those!

    I still sing my 15 month old grandson to sleep whenever I’m visiting. Enjoy this time as it will be over all too soon.
    Focus on the love and the joys of watching him mature, but he will have moments where he will backslide. Doesn’t mean you are failing as a parent, it just means he needs Mom a little longer 🙂

  • Jessie 10 January 2014, 6:36 pm

    Don’t know if you are at the stage of wanting to change the way you’re trying, but I have found with my kids (three successfully eating solids – and with relatively wide palates – so far!) that they are more likely to refuse parts of a mixed dish, so it is sometimes worth serving one thing at a time: they empty the plate and then move on to the next ‘course’ (I do protein-veg-carb-fruit – so by the time they get to the pasta or rice, they already have the other nutrients and just need to fill up a little more). Of course this doesn’t work with every type of dish, but you might find it helpful at times.

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