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January in review: Consumption log

Things that I've consumed today..

When I finished the wartime wardrobe challenge I talked about keeping a record of my spending on permanent things (not experiences, or things that are used up) and the comments suggested at least some of you are interested in reading about how I’m getting on, so here goes. This is what I (we) bought this month.

Milo stuff
Car seat
Foot muff for buggy
Rucksack with reins (the dino one here)

Fashion bumph
Earrings (the ones I talked about here. Decided to treat myself as a Christmas present, but they had just sold them and i had to commission another pair to be made, so half was paid when I got them in Jan)
Cardigan (Merino wool, from the howies sale, whose website appears to have gone a bit funny and I can’t find a picture. You’ll just have to wait until I wear it)
Shirt (organic cotton, still available but no longer in the sale. Picture below)

Hobby based stuff
Yarn for jumper (insta image)
Yarn for baby jumper (will be a present, image here)
Copenhagen travel guide (yup, it’s happening! June!)

Flat stuff
Foxy doorstop (insta image)
A few basic picture frames from ikea

Also bought a block of yoga classes and a bike service, which are not included in this, because they are not a thing, but they represent a substantial expense, comparatively.

I’ve decided not to include actual amounts of money spent because I don’t think I can keep that up, some of it was shared with Dave (or in the case of all the Milo stuff this month, paid for by my parents or Dave’s mum), and also, I don’t know if actually I am that comfortable with talking about it, living in Britain is rubbing off on me!


Thinking about what I should and shouldn’t have bought, I think there are definitely a few things I could have saved resources. The reiny rucksack I probably could have found second hand easily enough, and so far is not really needed anyway, but then Dave’s mum bought it so it was kind of a present.

The clothes and earrings were also definitely more wants than needs, though they all fitted with my brave new wardrobe plan which I will unveil one of these days! Haha, I am aware I have talked about how I’m going to be writing this post so many times, it’s going to be an utter letdown when it finally happens!


Re the shirt, I do need more shirts for work, but then again this one isn’t actually that workey. We’ve been watching a lot of Dexter lately, and it made me think of what Debs wears, so I was picturing myself looking like her. Except she is massively tall and thin, so it was never going to look anything like it on me. It’s actually cut very generously (it doesn’t really have a waist like it does in the picture), and if I wasn’t such a lazy arse I should have sent it back and gone down a size. But it is super comfy and soft and I’ve worn it about four times since getting it last week. I am currently wearing it with leggings on the sofa. So it’s not quite being used for it’s intended use, but it is getting loads of wear.

Everything else I’m fine with. The yarn is practically not a thing, because it will be ‘used up’ in the process of knitting, which will keep me occupied for months, no doubt. And I can never feel bad about interiors purchases, I don’t know why.

image clickable for source

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  • Señora Allnut 3 February 2014, 7:52 pm

    great that you’ve been keeping a record of everything you consume, it’s surprising to watch it exposed this way!, very interesting!
    I’m now thinking about all the stuff I use to buy everyday!
    Señora Allnut recently posted..short & longMy Profile

  • Style Eyes 3 February 2014, 8:22 pm

    I think it would be interesting to see how much I consume in a month. I try really hard not to buy things that we don’t need and don’t often go shopping much but when it comes to the children I find it exceptionally difficult to say no.
    Style Eyes recently posted..What to Wear on a Rare Night OutMy Profile

  • madam0wl 4 February 2014, 3:18 pm

    This consumption log idea is interesting. I could probably think back to what I bought in the month of January, with out too much trouble. Might make a draft post on that and see if it amounts to anything.

    Also, Dexter! We’ve been watching that too. Got up through Season 5 and are now taking a little break. That does look like a Deb shirt. It is funny because in one of the seasons I noticed she had two of the same stripey knit jersey top, but in different colors and worn on different eps, and when I made that comment to Stew he was baffled that I even noticed. I guess I like to look at and mentally take note of what both IRL and TV people wear, even if it is boring day-to-day stuff, and in that sense I think they’ve done a good job of dressing her for her personality.

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