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Milo’s 14 months old!

14 months with graphic

Well, he was a week and a half ago, but hey, that’s a lot less time than I usually take to get round to editing the photos!

What’s been happening? Loads I guess, I never know where to start! He’s now got ten teeth, 3 or which are molars! I was pretty surprised to find them peeking through in the back of his mouth, as I thought teeth came through in order. Well, apparently not! He’s been in quite a weird mood these last few weeks, which may or may not be because of the teething, he cries a lot for no discernible reason, and nothing will calm him down. Sometimes he seems to do it for effect as well. It’s not exactly tantrums, as I’m sure there’s much worse to come, but it’s hard going when you’re by yourself and he’s in that kind of mood.

The sleeping’s still all over the place as well. We had four nights in a row at one point where he slept through til about 6.30, and we thought we were finally out of the woods, but then it got much much worse again, with being awake for hours in the middle of the night, waking up at 5.15 for the day, that kind of thing. The last couple of days as I’m writing this have actually been a bit better (waking up once about 4, then sleeping til 7) but I am never allowing myself to expect improvements ever again! We also have to be really careful not to let him sleep too much, or too late in the afternoon, or we end up with a wide awake baby still running around at 9.30pm. At nursery he just has the one nap after lunch, but I’ve yet to achieve that at home!

Anyway, enough with the moaning! The eating is much much better, after the starch only phase he went through a masses of everything phase, where he was basically constantly eating, and begging for food in between meals. Like he worked out where the nursery keep the emergency bread sticks and would just sit underneath that cupboard crying until they gave him one. Ditto with rice cakes at home. It was getting to the point where I started worrying we might have to start restricting his food intake, but thankfully he’s now stopped with the crazy perma-hunger, and seems to be at a sensible sort of level with his eating. He’s also getting pretty good at feeding himself, like I can leave a tupperware box with pasta and veg on the table in front of him and he’ll eat it himeself. It takes forever, but I can do housework while he’s sitting there so I don’t mind.

The walking is also going pretty well now. He can get up himself now without pulling on things, falls over less, and has managed to work out how to fall on his knees when he does, rather than flat on his face! He’s also practicing his running a lot, but I’m in less of a hurry for that to work out, it’s hard enough keeping up with his random wanderings as it is!

Anyway, that’s the high level summary of what’s been happening in the last month!*

* high level summary – It’s scary when the civil service language starts encroaching on the real life and blog language!

P.S. Please nominated me for the MAD Blog awards – particularly in the craft and photography categories. Ta!

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