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Pyjama bottoms in upcycled fabric

handmade pyjama bottoms
handmade pyjama bottoms
handmade pyjama bottoms

I have been sewing a tiny little bit recently. Nothing exciting, but something very needed nevertheless – these pyjama bottoms. It’s the Easy PJ pants, a free pattern from Simplicity. I used the leftover fabric, i.e. vintage sheet, from my Colette Violet blouse. I made it even easier by not bothering with the drawstring in the same fabric – I’d ended up with a slightly too narrow drawstring casing, and slightly too small buttonholes, and I just couldn’t be bothered with squeezing the band through, so I just bought some rope from the fabric shop.

Next time I’ll make the casing wider and the buttonholes bigger, or maybe I’ll just ditch the drawstring altogether. The trousers are held up by elastic, so the drawstring is pretty much just for visual effect anyway. I’ll definitely be making another pair, as all my shop bought PJs are dying. But I’ll have to find another sheet I like in a charity shop first, I don’t want to buy new fabric for it, it uses up tons!

These photos look a bit weird cos I basically just took off my jeans and put the PJ bottoms on. I wouldn’t usually have straightened hair while in my pyjamas! But it’s actually not too unrealistic in other ways, I do have a tendency to stick a wooly thing on top of my sleeping clothes for warmth. The cardigan is my new Howies purchase I couldn’t find a picture of. Again, it’s a bit on the large side, but I’m not too bothered about that. It’s handwash only, but I’m gonna wash it on the handwash setting in the washing machine, so it’s probably going to shrink a wee bit anway.

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