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Why I love knitting

The other week I went on a presentation skills course and as preparation we had to prepare a 3-4 minute presentation on any topic. I chose to talk about why I love knitting! I don’t usually write out my presentations like a speech, but in this case I decided to start with that and edit and turn it into bullets after, because I thought I could repurpose it as a blog post. I am nothing if not resourceful!


Today I want to talk about one of my hobbies, which is knitting. I learnt to knit many years ago, when I was about 20, and I’ve gone through phases of knitting loads or not at all many times. In the last couple of years I’ve got back into it in a big way, and I thought today I’d tell you about three things I love about knitting.

First of all, I really like the products of knitting. When you want to make yourself a hat, or some gloves, or a cardigan or whatever, there are literally thousands of patterns to choose from, so anyone is bound to find something that they like. And if something’s not quite right, most knitting patterns are really easy to modify even for relative beginners. And of course then you get to choose your yarn, which can be any colour or material you fancy. And because most yarn is made in small batches, no one else is going to end up with exactly the same thing. So basically, if you knit something yourself, you’ll get something completely unique that’s exactly like you want it. And you get the satisfaction of knowing that you made it yourself.

Secondly, I also really enjoy the process of knitting. It’s a creative process when you’re choosing your patterns and your yarn, and when you’ve actually started knitting, it’s really relaxing. There are some patterns and some bits of some patterns where you really have to concentrate, but mostly when you’re knitting it’s something you do with your hands rather than your brain. You can knit while watching TV and knit while listening to music, which is great for me, because I get a bit fidgety doing just one thing. And I can knit when I’m completely braindead, some days when I’ve been at work and then I’ve had to wrestle with an overtired baby for a few hours, there’s no way I can focus on anything else, but I can pretty much always knit. It’s kind of like meditation, while your hands are off making stitches your brain can switch off for a bit.

My third reason is that knitting is a really sociable activity. That might sound weird for a thing that you can do by yourself, but there’s a massive community of knitters out there that you can join up with if you like. There are millions of craft blogs where you can get inspired by what other people have been knitting, and there’s Ravelry, a really active social network for knitty people. And because you can knit and do other things at the same time, it’s perfect for knitting and chatting, and having drinks. There’s knitting and craft groups meeting in pubs and cafes in most places, and they’re much more diverse than you’d think. In the one I go to in Edinburgh there’s anything from 19 year old undergrads to your stereotypical granny. Because of the group I’ve made friends with people that are really different from me and I would never otherwise have met.

So there you are, I love knitting because I enjoy doing it, I like the stuff I make and I get to sit round drinking wine while I do it!

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P.S. Please nominated me for the MAD Blog awards – particularly in the craft and photography categories. Thank you kindly!

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  • Mrs D 24 February 2014, 9:12 am

    Great post!
    Just nominated you – hope you win!

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