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Ella Funt baby cardigan

Ella Funt
Ella Funt

For once, a knitted baby thing that I’ve actually made myself! Well, I say baby thing, it’s actually more of a pre school thing. This is supposed to be a one to two year size, but it’s flipping massive, especially the neckline. I didn’t swatch, so I’m not sure to what extent this is the fault of my gauge being off vs the pattern, but it can’t be just me! I know Milo is small, but that’s an adult sized hanger! Maybe it’ll fit him when he’s three or so.

Anyway, the pattern is Ella Funt, and sizing issues notwithstanding I really like it. The elephants are so cute! It’s knit from the bottom up, you make the body and the sleeves separately, then joining to make the circular yoke. It feels like it really won’t work when you’re joining everything up, but it’s kind of magic when it all comes together.

The somewhat random colour choices happened because everything is stash yarn or donated by craft group members (the grey and the light pink). Not a single thread was bought for this!

And sorry for crap photos! I’m not sure why my camera has decided to be anti-purple now. Usually it’s only the greens that are off.

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