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February in review – consumption log

Here’s what I got this month:

Milo stuff
* Toddler carrier (new)

Fashion bumph
* Clarks shoes (new)

* River Island jumper (used – charity shop)

* Jack Wills shirt (used – charity shop)
Thrifted shirt

* COS dress (used – ebay)

Craft stuff

* Fabric for Violet blouse (new – at the sewing blogger meet)

* Some rope and elastic for the pj bottoms


February is a funny month, obviously it’s only three weeks long and there’s no Council Tax, so I was expecting to buy some bigger things, like I finally picked a new multipurpose camera lens to replace the increasingly temperamental kit lens, and thought I might get that in Feb. But then that didn’t happen because we booked the flights and accommodation for our summer holiday to Copenhagen, and you have to pay the accommodation in full through air bnb. This is our flat, isn’t it gorgeous? It’s annoying airbnb doesn’t allow photo downloading or I would show the gorgeousness on here!

I still felt ridiculously shopaholic this months though. Because I’d finally come up with a plan for my wardrobe, I kept looking at online and real shops to see what would fit with it in some kind of perverse self torture process. Thankfully, I seem to have set my shopping parameters in a way where almost nothing matches anyway – it’s all blumming short sleeves and semi see through fabrics!

In the end I’m pretty pleased with what I actually bought. The shoes I had been planning for a long time, as I really needed some flat work shoes, and had wanted brogues for probably about 18 months. The rest were impulse purchases. I bid for that dress when I just happened to open the listing with about 30 seconds left, never expecting I was going to actually win it! It’s really nice, though a tad tight on the hips/bum/thighs so it looks more like a wiggle dress than the nice loose style it’s intended to be. The jumper isn’t amazing quality (though it’s a lovely shade of green), but was only 99p. The shirt is a shirt, which I mentioned I need more of, so that’s good.

I’ve also been wanting to buy all the sewing supplies, after spending many a lunchtime googling blogger’s versions of indie patterns. It’s ridiculous really given that I sew at a snail’s pace, and barely get a chance to anyway. At least I managed to resist completely! I do now have a plan of action what I will make after I finish that red Violet, though god knows when that’ll be.

Our joint purchase this month was the toddler carrier. We need it for getting around when we’re going down to London in April, so we don’t have to take the buggy on the Tube, so we thought we might as well get it now and start using it. We spent a lot of time looking at second hand options, but in the end we didn’t want to get a massive thing and the model we chose was actually going for about the same used on ebay as it costs to buy new. Ebay bidders are strange!

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  • Elise 3 March 2014, 12:35 pm

    Ooh I’ve been eyeing up those shoes in navy, you must let me know if they’re comfy! 🙂
    Elise recently posted..A trip to America – DisneylandMy Profile

    • Franca 3 March 2014, 6:45 pm

      Yes, they are! There’s a weird cushion in the front that feels a bit weird to start off with, but you get used to it and/or it flattens out and they’re very comfy! The girl in the shop said that all the staff wear them (she had balck ones on) because they are perfect for all the standing.

  • Maria 4 March 2014, 11:02 am

    Your flat in Copenhaguen looks gorgeous! all the gorgeous gorgeousness. I haven’t ever used airbnb before (my boyfriend distrusts the idea of it… sigh).

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