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February in review: update on the aims


Here’s what I’ve been up to with my aims

Knit a jumper. I’ve made some progress, but it’s currently on hold for a baby jumper with a deadline and for sewing.

Knit at least two paid patterns. Same as last month, one down.

Sew one garment to a standard comparable with shop bought. Still no progress. The pyjama bottoms I finished are not up to scratch as the stitching went a bit funny on the hem on one leg a bit and couldn’t be bothered to unpick it.

Read one novel a month. Yup. In February I read Gone Girl for book group, which I was not keen on! Very readable and a total page turner but I hated the ending so much. If you’ve read it you’ll know what I’m talking about. I also read a couple of trashy free books on the kindle. If anyone can recommend any free kindle books, please let me know! Any genre, though I especially like crime/thrillery stuff.

Think about instagram photos more in terms of composition. I’m retiring this one. I’ve decided instagram is supposed to be for quick sharing, and thinking about making stuff look good is putting me off. Also, I though using the same format and filter for a month would make things look coherent, but it actually doesn’t.

Get rid of at least ten items of clothing. Four down – this month I threw some very holey pyjama bottoms in the bin (after I made a replacement – hurrah!). I’ve also identified some more stuff to sell on ebay and have two shirts to go to the charity shop.

Really focus on quality, sustainability and coherence for any new purchases. I blogged about this last week. Given that three of my purchases were impulse buys, I’m probably not doing that well on the planning aspect of this, but at least they were all second hand and fit with the shiny new wardrobe plan.

Find three recipes that become standards for mid week cooking Complete! The pesto potato salad with eggs; Fattoush, a middle eastern yoghurt bread salad and Shakshuka, a dish of eggs cooked in a spicy tomato pepper sauce have all been made several times.

Cook at least three recipes from Plenty. No progress on this, although the Fattoush and the Shakshuka are from Jerusalem, which I kind of think of as Plenty’s sister book.

Eat one mega salad a week. Going strong. We’re not having it *all the time* like we did at the beginning, but definitely once a week at least.

Cycle to work three days a week. So nearly there on this one, I managed it the last two weeks. This might have been a slightly overambitious target though, as it’s so weather dependent, so I won’t beat myself up about slacking off on horrible days. When the sun is out, it’s a joy to cycle though, so much nicer than the bus. Faster too, even though I seem to have added five minutes to my commute because I just can’t make myself go fast. It’s not even a fitness thing, I just always seem to find myself trundling along in a leisurely way and then having to speed up because some car or bus is stuck behind me.

Master a new yoga pose properly. Oh, let me tell you about this one! I started going to a different yoga class, a core one, and I am full of excitement and success with this! I actually enjoy the class less in terms of actually doing it, because it’s less flowey and varied (which I like for switching off my brain), and also HARD, but I am loving the feeling of achievement! The first week my abs were killing me the next day (and I wish I’d never said how I had strong abs on here), and I didn’t manage to do all the poses, but after the third week I managed it all and I didn’t feel a twinge the next day. It’s amazing to me how much I have improved in such a short amount of time, I can actually do arm balances now (specifically this one), I still look totally ungainly doing it no doubt, but I am managing to stay up! It’s given me lots of poses which I practice at home in a sort of scattershot approach, but the one I’ve decided to put my efforts into is one, which the teacher says is called standing side twist but I cannot for the life of me find a picture. Maybe if I manage it Ill take a picture!

(p.s. sorry about excessive yoga chat!)

Consistently speak German to Milo. I really haven’t done this at all, but somehow I feel ok about it. I usually start talking in English and then switch to German. But I am getting the impression that he understands me now (no proper evidence for this really, just a feeling), so I actually talk much more overall, so that’s good.

Reading him a story a day. Yeah! He has FINALLY started getting books, and comes up to us all the time, clutching a book going Da! Da! and demands to be read to. It is so adorable, if slightly annoying if it’s the same book six times in a row. He’s also still got some way to go with the attention span, the only books he’ll sit through from beginning to end are the under one ones (his favourite is a moomin one with flaps), with the more complex books he still loses interest and starts manically flicking the pages.

Offering a wider variety of food. This one’s fine. He has almost everything we have, and we’ve had more interesting things.

See a financial adviser. Nope. Since I’ve managed to save exactly £0 in the month that is traditionally the easiest to save in in I’m hardly in a position to make any predictions about how much spare money I’ll have.

Drive at least once a week. Total, total fail. I drove once I February. My one opportunity to do an unusual trip (to the out of town softplay) coincided with Milo waking up at five, and me chickening out of doing the trip there since we had no idea where it was, and then on the way back I was far too tired. I really will have to get my arse in gear!

Mixed bag then!

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  • J. 12 March 2014, 8:41 pm

    Oh, I would love to know how one finds worthwhile free books on the kindle!

  • Steph 13 March 2014, 12:04 pm

    Well done with the yoga poses, I am always interested a bit of yoga chat as I am truly terrible at it but I enjoy it. I haven’t even mastered the basics yet but I am sure I will get there. I like this idea of reviewing your aims each month, I think you are doing really well overall. I agree wholeheartedly on the whole cycling in the horrible weather – really puts pay to so targets on that kind of thing although the waterproof shorts I got definitely help me!
    Steph recently posted..A Big Fat Zero – February Challenge CompletedMy Profile

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