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orange carrot kiwi and ginger juice
orange carrot kiwi and ginger juice

One of the trends I’ve noticed in the online world (especially pinterest and instagram) is that lots of people are big into fresh raw juices. I do like a freshly squeezed juice, but it’s not something I’d ever really considered doing at home. But recently Curry’s got in touch and offered to send me a juicer as part of a healthy living campaign that they’re doing, and I was more than happy to give it a try.

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The thing that had always put me off juicing in the past has been that I expected it to be a lot of work. Which is mainly because my experience of home juicers has been my parents manual orange press operated by a lever where it would take you about twenty minutes of squeezing and about five oranges to make one glass of juice! But the fancy electric juicer Curry’s sent is way more efficient than that, you don’t actually squeeze anything, you just shove stuff in the middle and it does all the juicing for you. Which also means that you can easily juice vegetables like carrots or beetroots, or hard things like ginger. I’m still not totally sold on the benefits of juicing veg as opposed to cooking them in a savoury dish though, so I went for the following combo:

  • 2 oranges
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 kiwi
  • One largish piece of ginger

I was aiming to make an ACE juice, so called because of the vitamins it provides: C from the oranges, A from the carrots. The ACE juice you can buy which is produced by Pago is actually orange-carrot-lemon, but after extensive research consulting the Wikipedia entry for vitamin E I didn’t find lemon on the list of concentrated sources, so decided to go for kiwi instead. I added ginger because I love it!

The resulting juice was delicious! The ingredients above made the two glasses you can see, so like I said it is a very efficient process, and not too far off the amount you would get if you smoothied the ingredients instead. The machine pulls out all the liquid and taste, and just leaves the pulp in the centre to throw away. It still involves a fair bit of washing up, so I’m not going to be juicing all the time, but it’s a great option to have for the occasional vitamin hit and I’m super keen to try out different combos. Next I think I’ll go for apple-watermelon-mint!

Anyone into juicing? Any recommendations for tasty combinations? And will I ever get into veg juice?*

* probably not!

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  • Desiree 19 March 2014, 10:12 am

    I do like juices but not as much as I enjoy eating. Juices are filling, but I enjoy the process of savouring food. Having said that, I enjoyed a green juice recently and would probably to it again. Apples are a nice addition to vegetable juices, a mix of beetroot, carrot and apple can be very nice.xo
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    • Franca 19 March 2014, 8:50 pm

      I agree that it’s more satisfying (for me) to eat rather than drink my vitamins! which is why I would never have a juice or smoothie instead of a meal. I guess it can be good for people that stuggle with getting in their fruit and veg though.

  • J. 19 March 2014, 10:25 am

    Ohh, how exciting! Not instead of eating veg, but I highly recommend using beetroot in juices as it adds a lovely depth of flavour (not to mention, makes the juice really pretty!). I like green apple (or, any sharp-as opposed to just sweet-apple), beetroot, and ginger; or pear, beetroot, and ginger is good too (I don’t like raw pear due to the texture, but in juice you don’t feel it – so worth bearing in mind, I imagine, if there are fruits you dislike texture-wise). Like you I really enjoy fresh juice but it doesn’t seem worth the washing up on a regular basis. Maybe if I had a super efficient gift juicer I might do it sometimes, for now it’s just a rare treat from a nearby veggie restaurant.

    • Franca 19 March 2014, 8:48 pm

      I was thinking that about beetroot and it looking pretty! Might try that at the weekend!

  • Naomi {Fräulein Famos} 19 March 2014, 4:11 pm

    Das klingt tatsächlich interessant – meine bisherigen Safterfahrungen ähneln nämlich eher deinen mit der Orangenpresse… Mein Problem wäre allerdings: Wo stellt man das Ding hin, wenn man es gerade nicht braucht?
    Übrigens, wollte ich noch sagen: Das zweite Bild finde ich absolut super! Die Perspektive, die Schatten und die Farben – toll!
    Liebe Grüße von Naomi
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    • Franca 19 March 2014, 8:47 pm

      Ha ja, klein ist das Ding nicht! Wir hatten aber zum Glueck grade noch genug Platz in Schrank dafuer!